According to our present understanding there are 4 fundamental laws of the universe… strong force, weak force, electromagnetism, and gravity. This waterfall behind me is an example of the force of gravity. As the water breaches the top, it’s drawn by gravity to cascade over the front panel and down into the catchment tank where a pump works against the law of gravity to push the water back to the top. This endless cycle of falling water leaves little doubt as to gravity’s indisputable force.

Consider, what is your indisputable force as a leader? If you’re unsure, try this visualisation.

Imagine that your colleagues, managers, and stakeholders are in a room together, with the conversation flowing just like this waterfall. You’re not there but you ARE the topic of conversation.

  1. Would they be talking about your indisputable force as a leader?
  2. Would they call you someone who leads or someone who leaves?
  3. Would they use positive words, descriptors and actions when discussing your leadership?
  4. Would they concur that your character, convictions, and commitment could be counted on just like gravity?

Take a few moments and consider your answers because this is your reputation.

Of course, the 80/20 rule applies and you’re going to have about 20% who will have a contrary opinion of you, no matter what, but what are the 80% saying?

Remember, your reputation as a leader becomes your leadership legacy.

What do you want yours to be?