In the short time I’ve been on my writing journey, I’ve heard and read much about writer’s block. That dreaded dark space where ideas fear to tread. A kind of no-man’s-land waiting to swallow up any unsuspecting creativity lingering on the edge of the writer’s mind. In its simplest terms, writer’s block is fear. A fear of not being able to be creative and write. It would be like saying there is dancer’s block… a dancer is too afraid to dance. Although it may feel real, it’s isn’t.

Any fear, including writer’s block is a disempowering belief. It is a belief rooted in feeling not good enough… feeling not good enough as a writer, not being creative enough to get story ideas, not being good enough to write them down. The fear of not being good enough is paralyzing. It is like a virus in the computer of our mind, destroying all our worthwhile programming and files. If we allow the virus to run rampant, we block ourselves, we suffer from writer’s block, our writing journey stalls. But it is not real, it is a fear that we can unlearn.

We need to run our own anti-virus program in our mind to safeguard against writer’s block. We must refrain from judging ourselves and our work harshly, while being committed to improvement. We must allow ourselves the time and space to relax, rejuvenate and recover from our busy lives, while we plan and prepare for a brighter future. We must celebrate our wins and successes, while we review our rejections judiciously. We need to stop criticizing ourselves and instead, be kind.

Insight…It’s easier to fail, than to succeed. Success does not come from selfishness, it comes from self-love.