Diane presents a variety of interactive solutions designed to delve deeper into her Mastery Model of Luminary Leadership  specifically tailored to create a profound positive impact, instill inspiration and ignite a transformative drive within your organisation’s leaders and teams. 

Ideal for when you need to …
  • Align leadership and strategy to drive a cultural shift.
  • Cultivate culture-conscious leadership to impact better outcomes.
  • Equip your leaders with the mindset, energy, and skills to champion desired organisational behaviours.
  • Nurture a leadership culture of conscious awareness and continuous learning.
  • Encourage leaders to take responsibility and foster a sense of ownership and collective accountability.
  • Provide leading edge leadership development for your most important leaders.


Mastery Boost:
Ignite, Inspire and Impact Interactive

Harnessing the essence of her inspiring keynote presentations, Diane captivates the audience from the very outset, providing an engaging platform for continuous interaction throughout the session. This unique opportunity enables participants to delve deeper into the subject matter, gaining invaluable insights and uncovering practical solutions to their persistent queries.

By embarking on this collective journey of exploration and growth, attendees will not only find answers to their pressing concerns but also unlock the boundless potential within themselves to attain unparalleled levels of leadership mastery. Embodying the spirit of her message, Fear Less, Dare More, Diane empowers individuals to push the boundaries of their capabilities, enabling them to take bold actions and seize every opportunity that lies ahead on their path to professional success.

90-minute Interactive Masterclass


4-hour Leadership Development Workshop

Luminary Insights
Launch into the Light

In this highly engaging and transformative workshop, Diane empowers participants to embrace a paradigm shift by pushing the limits of their beliefs, redefining their personal and professional boundaries, and adopting a new approach to leadership.

By strategically utilizing Leading Questions and an array of meticulously crafted prompts, Diane guides attendees on a profound journey of self-awareness, strategic alignment, and decisive action. By immersing themselves in this process, participants gain a deep understanding of the mastery process and unlock their untapped potential as luminary leaders.

Through a series of hands-on exercises and experiential learning, participants acquire a comprehensive toolkit equipped with invaluable tools and techniques to enable them to cultivate laser-focused intention, align their energy with their objectives, and effectively apply their newfound skills to transcend their current leadership capabilities.

Guiding Lights:
Illuminating Luminary Leadership

Leveraging the eight Pillars of Luminary Leadership, Diane provides an in-depth exploration of cutting-edge research, scientific advancements and energy psychology within her mastery methodology. Through this enlightening approach. she offers a comprehensive toolkit comprising innovative ideas and actionable insights that will enable your organisation to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Facilitate Perspective Shift: Empower your workforce to transcend limitations by fostering enhanced self-awareness and self-inspiration on their journey towards momentum and mastery. 
  • Harness Neuroscience Power: Equip your leaders with the knowledge and techniques to rewire and optimise their brains for achieving success, leveraging transformative potential of neuroscience. 
  • Leverage the Feel-Good Factor: Demonstrate the profound impact of psychological well-being on performance and teach your leaders how to cultivate, resilience, conquer anxiety and mitigate conflicts through strategic deployment of the Feel-Good Factor. 
  • Maximise Energy Efficiency: Educate your leaders on methods to elevate their energy levels and unlock their full potential, without experiencing the detrimental of physical or mental exhaustion.
  • Sharpen Leadership Skills: Utilise the 7 x P Principle to refine and fortify your leaders’ abilities, enabling them to excel in their roles and guide their teams with greater efficacy.  
  • Embody Essential C-Suite Skills: Illustrate the 27 indispensable characteristics that leaders at all levels must possess to illuminate intrapersonal, interpersonal and collective success within your organisation.

12-hour Leadership Program


Light Up and Live

In Diane’s Personal Development and Workplace Health and Well-being program, she brings over 35 years of wisdom as a seasoned disciple and teacher of meditation to the corporate forefront, addressing the critical need for work-life mastery among executive leaders.

Her deep-rooted compassion and expertise shines through in her tailored programs that delve into the 5 facets of well-being—emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual—empowering leaders to thrive in all aspects of life. These bespoke sessions are designed to illuminate and invigorate, providing tools that not only enhance personal growth but also amplify professional performance, aligning perfectly with the unique needs of any organization looking to foster a flourishing, future-fit leadership team.

Virtual Variety

Live or virtual, Diane’s inspirational message and mastery methodology can come directly to your business.  

For enterprises with demanding schedules prioritizing employee welfare, Diane offers virtual leadership to your teams through her impactful and concise Lunch and Learn sessions or Midday Meditation programs.

Empower your leaders to step into their role as Luminary Leaders who ignite, inspire and impact remarkable organisational transformation.


“Diane’s methodical approach will have you exploring your mindset like never before, and though challenging at times, the results are undoubtedly expansive and life-changing.”

J. Brooker, PR Communications