With over forty years’ experience teaching, speaking, coaching, counselling and leading teams of people, Diane has helped countless clients shift from a limited human perspective to a Master Mindset by engaging, empowering and energising their lives and businesses to create extraordinary results.

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Through her inspiring presentations, she can show your audience how to break free of the Cycle of Disempowerment and master their lives and businesses with one quantum shift of perspective.

Her journey from a broke, suicidal thirty-year-old woman to owning an eight-figure business, winning 2019 SBAA International Women’s Day Leadership Award and being short-listed in the Telstra Business Women’s Awards 2020, demonstrates the transformative power of her Master Mindset method.

“The challenge to succeed lies not so much in what we do, but in who we dare to become.”

Diane Demetre

Her keynote presentation – Dare to be More – is based on her phoenix-like rise after her #metoo moment in Australia in the late 1980’s, how her stance changed the industrial relations laws and the insights she gained in mastering her mindset.

Diane explores the Four Pillars of Conscious Leadership and identifies 10 outstanding traits of a conscious leader in Conscious Leadership 2021 and Beyond. She demonstrates how conscious leadership enhances performance, clarifies purpose and direction, overcomes labels, encourages growth and learning, develops leadership skills and hones emotional intelligence.

The Way We’re Thinking about Life and Business is Dead Wrong! and in this presentation, Diane explains how humanity has lived backwards for centuries. She examples the recent coronavirus crisis as a major pivot point to shift our perspective and re-align with a destiny of our conscious choosing. Using the three pillars of mindset mastery, Diane challenges and guides her audience to adopt a new frame of reference while living in a post-pandemic world.

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