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Theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” This law of the universe, commonly known as the law of attraction, is the premise on which we master our mindset. Once we shift our perspective from the limited human frame of reference of everything being random and believing that we are purely victims of conditions and circumstance, to accepting that everything is energy; we unlock our potential to manifest more health, wealth, happiness, success and freedom in our lives. Distant possibilities become likely probabilities and then every-day actualities. We turn chaos into clarity, poverty into prosperity and our dreams into reality. We become the master of our destiny, consciously impacting our lives and those around us for the greater good. This is the power of adopting a Master Mindset.

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Diane Demetre

Master Mindset Coaching

Have you ever wondered why some people create extraordinary lives, while others struggle? It comes down to their self-identity, world view and how they manage their psychology, physiology, productivity, and peace.

If you don’t learn how to master your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic well-being, you’ll find yourself stuck in ongoing stress, poor health, and lack. 

Time to find freedom from all that FAST! Let me be your Master Mindset Coach and show you the short-cuts to harnessing your full potential and living a life that matters.


Diane is an dynamic speaker, award-winning author and master mindset coach and trainer who brings decades of life, business, and onstage experience to her presentations.

 An authority in leadership and mindset, she shares practical insights and strategies, inspiring her audience to lead like their lives depended on it. Because in these changing times, they do!

Diane Demetre

Master Mindset Training

The way we do business has changed dramatically. The workplace is no longer a static location. Wherever we are is our place of work. For organisations to stay at the top of their game, they must equip their people to do likewise.

Now more than ever, functioning from the highest levels of integrity, self-responsibility, productivity, collaboration, and creativity must be everyone’s intention. Master Mindset training is the fastest way to empower your people, create exceptional teams and design a shared destiny of success. When individuals master their mindset, they become conscious leaders ready for 2021 and beyond. 


Inspired by Bryce Courtney who didn’t start writing until he was fifty-six, I penned my first novel at the same age in a flurry of inspiration. Perhaps because I’ve been a storyteller in my roles as a teacher, entertainer, speaker, and business leader, being an author was a natural step in my creative pursuits. The urge to express my creativity is hard-wired into my soul. Since then I’ve written numerous contemporary fiction novels across different genres as well as non-fiction self-help books and my soon-to-be released memoir. I’m a highly intuitive and organised writer with my novels having one thing in common—they are each packed with emotional punch and feature feisty heroines who dare to live life to the full.