diane demetre winner emerald pro award 2017 rwa

I couldn’t believe it when my name was announced as the winner of the Best Unpublished Romance Manuscript 2017 at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in August. What a wonderful surprise!

More than that, it confirmed that all the time, energy and effort I put into writing this story was worthwhile. Although to date, no publishers have contracted it, I know winning this award will give it more street and sales cred, which is what publishers need.

Here’s a sneak peak of the plot…..When talented ballerina Jessie Hilton is befriended by ex-SAS sniper Brad Jordan and his enthusiastic Border collie, Whiskey, Jessie must not only escape the clutches of a stalker and handle the unexpected death of her father, but confront a long buried family secret. As Brad battles with his demons, both of them must transcend the shadows of their tragic pasts in order to fulfil their future dreams.

Currently two publishers have requested the manuscript, which I am madly editing again to ensure it reads as good as possible. I’m determined Retribution will hit the shelves next year.

Insight… It’s a lot easier to give up, than keep going. Good things come to those who never lose sight of their dreams and persist, persist and persist.