Why Diane?

Real-world Expertise with a Record of Excellence

With a career spanning over four decades, Diane has consistently redefined leadership excellence, seamlessly blending her dynamic experiences in education, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.

As the Founder & CEO of Luminary Leadership and a multi-award-winning business leader, Diane has infused transformative principles into the very fabric of her internationally acclaimed resort in Vanuatu and a quality-accredited Australian company, commanding hundreds of staff across four states.

These businesses earned Diane a coveted place in the Australian Organization for Quality Hall of Fame, 3 x National Gold Awards for Business Excellence, multiple local and regional Business Awards of Excellence, and 3 x Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence for Best Resort.

Through her Mastery Model of Luminary Leadership, she empowers leaders to radically transform their approach, shifting out-dated paradigms and fostering a 21st-century culture of  personal and professional excellence. 

Diane’s accolades, including her status as a Registered Consultant for the Queensland Industry Development Scheme in Human Resource and Cultural Change, underscore her authority and expertise, making her an indispensable resource for those ready to lead fearlessly. 


Diane partners with visionary executive leaders and entrepreneurs looking for cutting edge, results-driven strategies to transform their leadership, life and business.

Often called an “Evolutionary” by her clients because she inspires them evolve and excel at an accelerated pace, Diane’s mission is to serve organisations in developing BOLD thinkers with BRAVE hearts who want to make a BIG difference.

“As a presenter, Diane Demetre is second to none. I would love to see her present to every business in Australia because that’s what she’s great at – inspiring others and getting results.”

Kerry Stevenson
Founder and Host of the annual Australian Gold Conference and Making Money Matter

Highly Engaging and Entertaining


Diane’s extensive background in theatre, television, and radio transcends mere performance; it’s a guarantee to event organizers of a seamless, impactful experience. With her expertise in staging multi-million-dollar productions and high-end corporate events, Diane understands the intricacies of event dynamics, ensuring she’s not just a speaker, but a partner who eases the organizer’s burden.

On stage, Diane holds the audience in the palm of her hand, bringing a fresh, energetic presence that resonates both personally and professionally. Her presentations are a blend of powerful insights and dynamic engagement, often leaving attendees dancing in the aisles. She is a speaker you can trust to take your people on an engaging and entertaining journey.

Educational and Empowering​

Diane expertly merges the latest research in emotional intelligence and neuroscience into her compelling presentations. Her ability to decode complex theories into clear, actionable insights is enhanced by her flair for blending humour and warmth. As an award-winning author, she is adept at providing research-backed content, supported by studies indicating an astounding 1500% ROI for emotional intelligence training, showcasing significant improvements in productivity and organizational profitability​ (Psychology Today)​.

Her extensive experience and knowledge in professional and personal growth modalities equip Diane to deliver powerful insights and practical strategies. Her presentations are not only theoretically sound but are also packed with practical applications. Engaging with Diane means investing in a tested and powerful approach that leverages well-founded research to foster remarkable transformations in both leaders and their organizations​ (Psychology Today)​​ (Harvard DASH)​.