Welcome to my blog. I’ve enjoyed many careers as an entertainer, educator, businesswoman and author. Throughout it all, I’ve been a passionate voice in a wilderness of white noise. So it’s not surprising, here I am again. Being me, shouting out, waving my hands in the air, kicking up my heels and sharing with you a very important question …. What if?

What if … you can be everything you want to be?
What if … you’re right and you’re not crazy after all?
What if … life is a bowl of cherries?

My blog records my musings on being game enough to be myself in a world terrified of non-conventional individuality, knowledge learned by experience, wisdom sourced from within and loving the passion of life, regardless of what everyone else thinks!

My blog reveals the insights I’ve discovered along the way, in the hope they will benefit you and make your journey easier. Why not join me and ask, What if? — and watch your dreams come true.