I cannot recall recently hearing anyone exclaiming they have enough time to do all the things they need or want to do. The usual catch-cry from all of us, particularly writers, is that there isn’t enough time. It seems that everyone suffers from time debt and as I neared the end of this year, I had to keep affirming to myself there was enough time, there was enough time.

One of the important lessons I learned throughout my busy life is that I am the master of my time and not the other way around. Since I was a little girl I had to make my time stretch.Like taffy, I had to pull it apart slowly and carefully so it wouldn’t break and dangle worthlessly from my hands. Juggling dance classes, singing lessons, school, homework, family and recreation made me a proficient time manager. And I couldn’t be more thankful for my busy, disciplined full younger life that taught me so many skills and competencies.

Now as the end of this year sped towards me, I knew time would slip through my fingers if I didn’t master it. Every day a sinister voice tried to block me by saying I was running out of time, there wouldn’t be enough time to accomplish all my goals, that I’d never get the second book finished, that I’d never solve the issues with my other business and all its unexpected challenges, that I’d never be able, in the midst of all this calamity, prepare for a big family Christmas and keep up to date on my other writing commitments. The dreaded time debt list droned on. But no! I had the same twenty-four hours as anyone else. So I kept my head down, my tail up and got it done.
On November 26, I wrote The End to my second erotic romance in the Dance of Love series. And on December 18, I signed the publishing contract for it. Now it was time to frock up and enjoy Christmas :)
When have you found more time to finish what you started and accomplished all you set for yourself?

Insight… There is never someone or something to blame if your plans don’t work out. Not even you. The key is to get it done in the first place.