When the world started to grind to a halt and fear became the overriding energy on the planet, I needed to pivot to match what was happening. Too many people were suffering for no good reason! So, I decided to help those stuck in the limited human perspective, and wrote Master Mindset… From #coronavius to #consciousness. Though this book has been thirty years in the making, it took only a matter of a few weeks to write.

Master Mindset Showcase

In this pithy, pragmatic handbook, I share how you can master your life as the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the planet. Blending science, psychology, personal empowerment and spirituality, I condense wisdom learned from forty-plus years teaching, counselling, coaching and leading teams of people into 21 simple, yet effective strategies that you can immediately implement to master your mindset.

Each chapter and its actionable exercise is designed to be read in under 21 minutes to help you anchor in the insightful lesson. If you read one chapter a day for twenty-one days and consciously practice the simple exercises, you’re well on your way to energizing life-changing habits with a Master Mindset – a mindset for success. By the time the pandemic passes, you’ll be primed to launch into the world, ready to be more, do more of what matters, and have more of what counts.

Master Mindset is the perfect companion to transform self-isolation into self-nourishment and eventually into self-realization.
And all it takes is one quantum shift of perspective!

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Insight… We are each the master of our destiny. The captain of our soul.