diane demetre retribution reviews

As someone who thrives on a challenge, I ventured into self-publishing my romantic suspense, Retribution. The story of Jessie, Brad and his dog, Whiskey has been a winner with readers. It’s received 5star reviews from Amazon Top 500 Reviewers and achieves an average rating consistently above 4 stars on Amazon

But to be honest, the amount of time I’ve spent on learning the SP game, including  ISBNs, formatting, cover design, Kindle Direct Publishing,  testing keywords, AMS marketing and the rest has not been worth it. I’ve spent precious writing time in months of administrative work. And I’m one of the lucky ones as I have a VA and IT guy who help me. I invested in the courses and did the work, but to be honest, I’d rather write and do the creative hard yards, than the administrative ones. Doing both, splits my time and energy. I also own a successful national business, so twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, will only stretch so far. There are lots of courses out there which show authors how to self-publish, each professing you can make more money from being a SP author. However, unless  you’ve got loads of time to not only write but become a marketing guru, it’s not going to happen folks. Sorry, but someone has to talk about the elephant in the room. I’m not one adverse to putting in the hours or the work, but I think self-publishing works for those authors who already have built a strong fan base through traditional publishing and then decide to go it on their own. Or for those SP authors who’ve been around for a few years, before self-publishing came into vogue. They all have a head-start in the game. For us new recruits, it’s become exponentially harder to get our stories marketed and read. So, if you’re considering self-publishing, be prepared to give up your writing time and not make the money as promised.

Insight…Try everything once and then do what feels right for you.