In order to minimize the number of rejections I might receive for my first manuscript (MS) submission, I honed my writing skills, focussed on my craft and decided to submit the best work I could create at the time. Therefore once I’d finished the MS, I edited it at least another ten times, polishing words, sentence structure and phrases. I took advice from experienced authors and actually put the manuscript in a drawer for about a month and worked on another project. Then when I returned to it, I had a fresh point of view and made more changes.

I killed off my darlings – those wonderful sentences and narrative I thought were oh-so-fabulous but did nothing for the pace of the story – and ended up cutting over 3,000 words from the MS. Knowing when to stop editing is intuitive and the time simply came. Enough! I had to let go and send the MS out into the wide world of publishing… and wait!
Has your fear of rejection stopped you from doing something you really wanted to do?


Insight … The rejection of my work is not a personal attack on my worth, it is merely a stranger’s subjective opinion