As a woman who has always done things differently to most people, the question of being ‘too out there’ has been a constant in my life. Never one to back down from a challenge or to stand up for the rights of others, I have found myself on the leading edge when others falter. It is the eternal spirit within compelling me forward to express the truth of me, no matter how crazy the world may see me.

The same can be said of my writing. Although I started my writing career with erotic romance, I had to include the spiritual side of life and love in my stories. Never one to understand why sexuality and spirituality are mutually exclusive, I have included the guidance of the divine feminine in my stories as I believe strongly in the serendipitous aspect of life. In my Dance of Love series, the hand of the divine feminine is always there and that’s what makes my stories a little out there compared to the usual erotic romance. The wonderful thing is, that readers who’ve read my stories are touched by this magic and find themselves compelled to explore their own spirituality. In my second book, Tiny Dancer, I actually work with the tarots cards and use their messages in the story. I love the interconnectedness of everything and if being ‘too out there’ helps in the evolution of human consciousness, then count me in….
When has serendipity led you to a wonderful event in your life?

Insight…Always listen within and follow the nudgings of your soul