Who cares! Well that’s not quite right. We all need to consider our civilian life of lovers, partners, family and friends, but we hope they will demonstrate their love by supporting us. Before embarking on this lonely, crazy journey to authorhood, I’d discussed my dream with my husband. Well, it was more like I stamped my foot, laid down the law and said unapologetically, “It’s my turn now.” By doing so, I’d opened the floodgates in committing myself to this dream, to this new destiny. Something within me would now no longer be denied. There was a stirring in my soul which commanded my attention.

Over the years I’d learned there are no free lunches. Too many people think you can get something for nothing. You just have to be cunning enough to find out how. Wrong! Sacrifice is not a dirty word. If you want something badly enough, there will be a sacrifice and whether it is time, money, energy or any number of other things, there is a sacrifice.
When we choose to reach for the brass ring in life, when we listen to the stirrings of our soul, we cannot in all good conscience complain about the sacrifice. For me, my burning desire to be a published author meant sacrifice, predominantly of time – leisure time, family time, husband time, holiday time, television time. The previous hours of ‘free’ time were now consumed by my passion and my passion set me alight.
What sacrifices have you made to follow your heart’s desires?

Insight … Replace your wishbone with a backbone and get on with making your dreams a reality