I think this insidious doubt rears its head for many authors as most of us love to share our stories with others. Deep within me abides a desire to entertain, educate or inspire my readers through my writing and storytelling. I write because I love the process and to see my characters come to life on the page, but the cherry on the top is for these stories to reach readers who also find them enriching and entertaining.

I considered what in my writing, aside from my own authorial voice added an extra dimension or set my love stories apart from the rest. It was my passion for life, love and the divine feminine which brought an underlying spiritual element to my stories, which is unusual in erotic romance. I also enjoyed writing love stories with a twist and not the usual romance formula. So, I trust there will be readers out there looking for something a little different where sexuality and spirituality meet in unusual yet synchronistic ways.
Are you interested in reading entertaining and enriching stories?

Insight … Dare to be different, follow your inner voice and trust in your self