I couldn’t wait to work with an editor. To think I had someone far more learned than me reviewing my work and offering suggestions and corrections thrilled me to the core. Here was a chance for me to learn from a professional and one which I didn’t have to pay. Elizabeth Tasker from Luminosity was sensational. She ‘got’ my story, my characters and the concept of love stories with a twist.

How wonderful it was for me as a first-time author to read comments from my editor such as… beautiful writing, you made me cry here and other words of encouragement. We did three rounds of edits with only minor corrections. It was a fabulous experience and I can’t wait to do it all again.
The day of the final edits I celebrated. It struck me I was about to be a published author. My dream was fast becoming a reality.
When have you enjoyed working with another person so much, you can’t wait to work with them again?


Insight…If you approach your work with joy and passion, your work will be a joyful, passionate experience