I’ve always followed my creative inspiration. Whether as a dancer, choreographer, director, speaker and now as a writer, I listen to the still, small voice within. And it’s telling me it’s time for a change.

So, I’m changing genres and writing cozy murder mysteries instead of romance. My first series, the Diana Daniels Murder Mysteries has been percolating in my mind for sometime. Each book in this classic “who-dunnit” series is set in an exotic location, where Diana finds herself involved in a murder mystery she’s destined to solve. And who exactly is she, my female amateur sleuth? She can best be described as Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher meets Prof Reinhart from The Murder Games and morphs into Diana Daniels; a smart, sassy, recently-widowed woman, whose rare insight into human behaviour, sixth sense, and rekindled love of adventure land her in all sorts of trouble.

As a young teenager my favourite books were Agatha Christie mysteries. Their legacy is my lifelong love of page-turning stories, filled with twists and turns, red herrings, multiple suspects and a trail of clues leading to the villain. My first book in the Diana Daniels series, Evil on the High Seas, is now finished and ready for submission. Fingers crossed, it will find a suitable publication home…soon. Then readers will be able to test their skills to solve the mystery on board the luxury expedition ship, the Silver Galapagos, with Diana Daniels.

Insight…Go where your creativity guides you.