I’m an impassioned person and inspired writer. The story ideas which take up residence in my mind and hunker down in my body come to me basically complete. I do not think about what I’m going to write next. The next story idea presents itself to me as a gift. My job it to say thanks and accept it. Whether the story fits a trope, or is what the market is looking for, or is left-of-field, I never consider. Like being given a present, I don’t judge the value of the gift. I just accept it with grace and appreciation.

Once I accept it, my characters and who they look like race across my mind’s eye like a movie reel. They perform for me and immediately I have a clear understanding of what the story is about. Although I’m not completely sure of all the twists and turns in that magical moment of inspiration, I am given more than enough to get started.

I then take all this inspiration and begin researching, crafting and compiling my story folder. Plotting and pacing worksheets, character images, birth dates and star signs, their goals and motivations, clothing, family history, plot turning points, sub plots…I mull over everything¬† needed to flesh out the story and bring it to life. For me, this is an uplifting and magical process. Here is this wonderful story with all its players opening up to me. My role is to do them justice on the page.

What I have discovered is that it’s not just about the story which compels me to write. It’s about the process of leaning into inspiration, of allowing creativity to work its magic on me, to honour the story idea by accepting it and to get started. Once I be the best writer I can be for that particular story, then I know more inspiration will flow and the book will eventually get published. Maybe not as quickly as I expect, but I know like attracts like, and there will be a publisher out there who ‘gets’ what my stories are about.

Insight…Connect with your creativity, appreciate it and let it guide you.