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Like many writers, when I first started out, my dream was to be offered a contract by a publisher. I was one of the lucky ones. I was offered a contract by Luminosity Publishing for my first three erotic romances, the Dance of Love series. It was a great confidence-booster and allowed me to spend most of my time writing.

When my fourth book, a romantic suspense, Retribution was completed, edited and submitted to publishers, rejections flowed fast. In some ways, I wasn’t surprised. Because I write genre-busting stories with a twist, Retribution didn’t fit neatly into the the traditional publishers’ mind-set. So I decided to invest in myself and self publish. It’s been a helluva ride. Self publishing is a booming business, with an enormous amount of information to learn, master and implement. I discovered many self published authors who make 6 to 7 figures in revenue a year, hundreds of comprehensive courses on self publishing,  sensational podcasts and webinars. The amount of information is endless. My brain soaked it up, but my writing time suffered. Hours spent learning new marketing skills, copy writing and publishing processes were  stolen from what got me into this career in the first place. The storytelling and writing. On a daily average, I spend around 10 hours on the business of being an author and writing the stories, seven days a week at this stage. It’s a grueling schedule, but it is also extremely rewarding.

Unfortunately, there’s seems to be a stigma about self publishing. Many think it is a last resort for writers when no one else wants to publish their work. It isn’t. It gives writers the power to produce work that sits outside-of-the-box and offer the reader a broader reading experience, while the author remains master of their own destiny. I’m looking forward to this exciting new chapter of my writing career and to bringing more of my love stories with a twist to a wider readership. :)

Insight… Don’t only practise your art. Learn and apply its secrets.