I learned a long time ago, that unless we expect magic and miracles to abound in our lives, they won’t. It is no accident why dreams come true… Dreams comes true because of the intention, attention and action taken on their behalf.

After completing the third book of my erotic romance series, Dance of Love, I placed all my intention, attention and action into writing the book closest to my heart for over two decades. A teaching memoir which is a combination of of biography, inspiration and methodology, tracing my sixty year quest for truth.
Calling on my background as a teacher, motivational speaker, stress and life skills therapist and successful businesswoman, I use the touchstones of my life as evidence that nothing happens in our lives by accident, but by intention — ours. The book shows the reader how to be more, and ultimately live healthy, wealthy and fulfilling lives. For me, this new writing career just gets better and better because I’m willing to look, listen and lean into the omens, to be inspired and journey along a road less traveled.
When were you inspired to make your dreams come true?


Insight…Always follow your inspiration and life will get better and better