Since my last post, I’ve travelled to San Francisco, pitched my first murder mystery, ‘Evil on the High Seas’ at a writers conference in New York and enjoyed the lavishness of LA before returning home to Australia. While I was in New York, I did lots of research for my third book in my Diana Daniels Mysteries, ‘Murder in Manhattan’. My second in the series is nearly finished and though I haven’t found a publication home yet for ‘Evil on the High Seas’, I’m positive it’s not too far away.

Enjoying the atmosphere and history of the famous Sardis Restaurant in New York


Aside from this flurry of writing, research and travel, I’ve re-branded my website and social media pages with new images, purpose and direction with the help of an assistant who’s been a blessing from the heavens. And poof! Before I knew it, five months has whizzed by in the blink of an eye since my last journal post. My apologies. Now October is upon us, and for me, it’s time to make the Christmas cake. A tradition I’ve done each year for forty-five years. I’ll have to squeeze that in between everything else I’ve still got to finish before 2019 ends. Where does the time go?

Insight…Life is short. Live it on purpose, with purpose.