This seems a silly question, but whenever we energise a destiny we desire there can be a residual thought of what happens if this all does happen. Questioning the very thing we desire the most demonstrates we still doubt the power of our intention. For me, I knew this questioning was detrimental to my destiny. Instead I chose to take time to rejoice and celebrate in becoming a published author.

On the release day for Dancing Queen, I sat in my zen room and meditated, expressing deep gratitude to myself and to the universal machinations that helped in realising my dream. Within two short years, I’d created a new destiny for myself and ticked off a range of creative pursuits on my goal list.
Now the really hard work began – PR and promotion of Dancing Queen. Highly time consuming work which threatened to take me away from my writing. But there was no point in writing books, if no one knew they existed. As a first time author, the sheer volume of PR and promotion I needed to do and continue to do, is astounding.Never fool yourself that this is an easy journey!
So a new plan came into being. I needed more hours in the day and night so I can continue writing my books and then promoting them.
Have you ever needed more hours to fulfill your vision? If so, have did you find them?

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Insight…It is always easier not to do something and give up, than do it and succeed.