On 1st March, Tiny Dancer, Dance of Love, Book Two was released. The merry-go-round spins once more. Gotta claim the book on all the Amazon websites, Goodreads and the rest. Spend more time sending out newsletters, Facebook posts, blogs etc, telling everyone about your new release. I’m on the never-ending promotion wheel for Tiny Dancer while simultaneously desperately trying to sell Dancing Queen. I guess what I learned is…I can’t do everything or be everywhere no matter how hard I try.

Although, this revelation goes against what is expected of you as a writer/author in the publishing world, it is the bald-faced truth. Today, it is up to you as the creator of your work to promote and sell, promote and sell, even if you do have a publisher. It appears gone are the days where you have an enormous publishing machine supporting you. That only happens if you hit the big time fast. But if you work your way up, learn the craft and desire to write quality works in whatever your genre is, you’re pretty much on your own. Fortuitously I was born with the drive and I learned the discipline as a dancer it takes to succeed. So onwards and upwards to the next challenge.
Did you ever give up when the going got tough?


Insight…It’s always easier to give up than continue.