God, am I an idiot or what? I’m 56years of age and giving up hours every night to study online creative writing courses. Isn’t this the time when we baby-boomers are supposed to be living on easy street and relaxing? But, ever since I was in the womb, I’d been a rebel with a cause. Afterall, Bryce Courtney didn’t start his writing career until he was about 56, so damn it, so could I.

Having never been adverse to hard work, I reaffirmed my decision. Yes, a published author for me! I was not fooling myself. I had another 30 good years left in me. I can do this! So for the next year or more, I spent every minute (when I wasn’t engaged in my money-earning capacity i.e. my ordinary work life), reading, writing, learning and submitting assignments.
And you know what? My brain, which had previously been getting a little fuzzy and forgetful around the edges, kicked back in with vengeance. With renewed spirit and intelligence, I began to feel more alive than I’d felt for some time. I was on track. Published author, here I come.
When was the last time you stuck at something no matter what?

Insight … Choose life-affirming decisions rather than listen to disempowering doubts