Back in 2013, I asked myself this question after I finally read Fifty Shades of Grey, once the rest of the world devoured it. I refrained from reading the book for as long as I could but finally succumbed.

As suspected, I didn’t enjoy it very much, for as a humanist (I prefer this term as it is more inclusive than the word feminist), I found the premise of a young, virgin woman giving up her integrity and pining for the love of a damaged abuser, who if he hadn’t been a billionaire she would have had nothing to do with, disquieting to say the least. I’m not criticising EL James as without her and her earth-shattering series, the world wouldn’t be as diverse as it currently is. Good luck to her and her enormous success. It’s just her book wasn’t my cup-of-tea, as I’m sure others will find my books may not suit them.
However, on finishing 50 Shades, I asked myself, what if I can be a published author? Surely, this was within my reach. So I set off to find the answer and I thank EL James for her inspiration which propelled me into a new destiny.
What has inspired you to take a new direction in your life?

Insight …. Inspiration often comes in forms you least expect