Feelings on unworthiness, emptiness and confusion can oftentimes become so overwhelming that depression seeps into the core of a person, shackling them from expressing their power and purpose. However I discovered there are antidotes to these crippling emotions, in the form of creative expression, personal peace and a passion for living.

For me, expressing my creativity either through speaking, performing or writing is a cornerstone to my health, wealth and joy. The more creative avenues I explore, the more my life rewards me for the exploration. Connecting with my consciousness through a daily meditation ritual is critical to my growth and fulfillment, as without the poise of peace, I can never expand into a greater expression of being. While living with a passionate expectation of extraordinary events (miracles) happening in my life, means I open the door to an extraordinary destiny.
I discovered that when I combine these components and empower them with my thoughts, feelings and actions, I live my life on purpose and with purpose.
No one can choose our purpose of life. It is not some nebulous hidden secret. We choose it.
What have you chosen to be your purpose in your life?

Insight…We each choose the life we live therefore it is up to each of us to choose well