This is the very next question that pops up in a writer’s mind once they decide to have their precious words committed to print for all time. Although, throughout my life I’d toyed with the idea of being an author, I never thought I’d write erotic fiction but bam! That’s what sprang to mind. A love story, I couldn’t believe it. However, because I grew up reading Agatha Christie mysteries, my love story has a twist in its happy-ever-after. It’s not the normal, run-of-the-mill romance. It’s a modern story with a little sting.

Now as this bubbled around in my head, I realised having a good plot means nothing if you can’t get it written down. And not just thrown onto a page full of mistakes, but crafted into something worth printing and reading. 80,000 words was the target so I decided to go back-to-basics and learn how to write.
What action have you taken to achieve your goals?

Insight … The 7 P principle – Prior planning and preparation prevents piss-poor performance