Earlier this year, I was nominated for the 2019 SBAA International Women’s Day leadership awards in the Entertainment, Creative Arts and Media Industry.

To say I was surprised and thrilled would be an understatement. Of course I accepted the nomination, and underwent a rigorous evaluation process with over a dozen other nominees. One of the questions I had to answer was which woman do I admire most?  I thought long and hard on this question and couldn’t single out any one woman. There were just too many because the women I admire most aren’t those who’ve always gained the attention or recognition. They’re women who’ve demonstrated their power in remarkable ways. They’re the women I admire… the warrior women with gossamer wings.

And on the day of the awards, my name was called as the winner of the 2019 SBAA International Womens Day Leadership Award for leadership in the Entertainment, Creative Arts and Media Industry. I was elated and humbled that the decades I’d poured into this industry sector had been recognised. It was a special honor and a special day.

Insight…Winning an award is reason to celebrate, but the real reward is how you add value to people’s lives.