Throughout my life there is one critical lesson I learned. Life may not always be easy, but it is simple. There are basic universal laws operating at all times and in order for us to generate the results we desire most, we need to understand these laws. Everything is energy and as such we act as energetic transmitters attracting to us circumstances and conditions based on the vibrational energy at which we resonate on a consistent basis.

Understanding this, I realized for me to become a published author need not take an enormous amount of time or multiple rejections. It required me to attract this destiny to me by resonating with the appropriate energy. Being passionate, determined, disciplined and unwavering in my faith and commitment to succeed, I generated the results I desired most and fulfilled the destiny I chose for myself.
Do you resonate and attract to you the future you desire most?

Insight … Creating your own reality is simple if you are willing to embrace universal law