The Impact Phenomenon

Here’s how you can Fear Less and Dare More for more Impact and Reward.

Welcome to this month’s leadership news, where you’ll discover that unless we’re brave enough to ‘fail’ at something new, we’ll always fear the fall out.

Every day we set goals whether we’re aware of it or not. We sift and sort through our experiences placing those we want to avoid to one side of our mental ledger and the ones we desire to the other. These desires, dreams and ‘feel good’ experiences become our goals, even if only unconsciously.

Our Daily Life
As we master our mindset and energy, we refuse to be swayed by the people, conditions, and circumstances around us.

We won’t be denied the success and fulfillment we seek.

We remain focussed upon our goals, resonating to the presence of them, even in their apparent absence.

Every step we take, every we move we make is guided by the unwavering belief that we are worthy of being, doing and having it all.

Each day becomes a joyous celebration of health, wealth and happiness, and we live happily ever after.

Sound familiar? No?

Unfortunately, the standard response to the above scenario is, “I wish.”

However, wishing and hoping doesn’t make it so. It needs to be backed with consistently applied and aligned action.

“Easier said than done,” you say.

Yet when we Fear Less, Dare More and step out on the leading edge of Mastery, we transform ourselves from weak wishers to deliberate creators.

As William Ernest Henley famously penned, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

Buried within these lines is how we create impact in our lives, leadership, teams, and businesses. Through daring to master how we THINK, FEEL and ACT in alignment with our goals, we initiate The Impact Phenomenon – the courage to fail at something new, with the faith that nothing is random.

I recall many years ago there were times in my life and business where I found myself in seemingly random, uncomfortable situations. Situations that weren’t my fault, or so I told myself. I was afraid to try something new, so I reacted as I had done before. In fact, back then, being right was more important to me than feeling good.

But if I’d been honest with myself at the time, my mindset, energy, and actions had influenced those situations. None of them were random events happening to me. Though I wasn’t a deliberate conscious creator of those situations, I was a default regurgitator, constantly acting from my ‘past’ which coloured my ‘present.’

Since then, I’ve discovered a new way of being in Life and Leadership.

Skills Mastery: The Third Pillar of Luminary Leadership
Alongside Mindset and Energy Mastery lies Skills Mastery which stems from an unwavering curiosity for continuous improvement and an unquenchable thirst for MORE. More clarity, more courage, more commitment, more confidence, more creativity, and more compassion. Honing these skills empowers us to Dare to Lead Differently and light the path to success and fulfillment for ourselves and others.

Fear Less, Dare More: The Catalyst for Impact
Every leader is familiar with the trepidation that accompanies stepping onto the leading edge of change. However, it is the ability to Fear Less and Dare More that distinguishes leaders from the crowd. Skills Mastery propels leaders beyond their comfort zones, emboldening them to explore uncharted territories. It’s not about eliminating fear; rather, it’s about powering ahead despite it. By daring to Act in Alignment with our goals, we become the architects of our own impact and reward.

From Wishful Thinking to Deliberate Creation
Wishful thinking is the domain of those who have yet to harness the power of Mindset, Energy, and Skills Mastery. Luminary Leaders understand that dreams remain ethereal until they are tethered to reality through deliberate action. To master skills is to transform vague aspirations into tangible outcomes. This transformation doesn’t occur overnight but through persistent focus and a commitment to personal mastery and professional excellence. By embracing Skills Mastery, we can convert our visions into blueprints and then into reality, leaving an indelible mark on our lives, as well as our teams, businesses, and organizations.

The maxim “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul” encapsulates the enormous drawing power of Mindset, Energy and Skills Mastery.

It’s a reminder that when we Fear Less, Dare More and Focus, Resonate and Act in alignment with our goals, we create such impact that our potential is inevitably realised in our results.

Let your Leadership Light SHINE

Diane Demetre

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