Toward the end of 2016, I completed my fourth book. A mysterious romantic suspense, set in Melbourne and rural New South Wales, it is a story of family betrayal, buried secrets, unrequited revenge and hope. Here’s a quick blurb…

On the brink of becoming a principal dancer with the Australian Ballet Company, Jessie Hilton is befriended by an ex-SAS officer, Brad Jordan, who is recovering from PTSS with the help of his faithful Border collie. As professional and personal circumstances conspire to expose Jessie’s long-forgotten family secret, BJ’s more recent suffering of losing his wife and baby daughter in a terrible car accident tries to hide. When they discover there are more than the shadows of their pasts, and a clear and present danger in the form of a stalker to overcome, their love blossoms and together they finally face their demons.

This manuscript was one of only three selected for the final round of the National RWA Emerald Pro competition… a presitigous honour. The final judging has yet to be decided, but despite where I place, I’m thrilled to have made the top cut.

However, over the past months, I’ve submitted this story to many publishers and have yet not received an offer to publish…only rejections.

My point is, rejection is the name of the game if you write and submit manuscripts. Some badly-written stories get published while other far superior works are never published. The key is not to take rejection personally. Just because publishers reject my manuscript doesn’t mean it’s no good. I go back and refine it again, and send to other publishers on the list. I reassure myself there will be one publisher out there who is a fit for me and my fourth novel. A publisher with whom I can build a relationship and long-term career. Perseverance, patience and faith are the qualities needed most, particularly in creative professions…and a thick skin.

So, whenever the dark voice of self-doubt creeps in to ruin my day, I look at my beautiful Border collie who inspired the doggie hero in my fourth book. She loves and believes in me, so there must be a publisher out there who feels the same.

When have you overcome your self-doubt and forged ahead regardless?

Insight…Don’t listen to the negative yammer-yammer in your head. Just keep believing in yourself until you succeed.