Luminary Leadership

Ignite your people. Inspire your audience.
your organisation.

Master your M.E.S. and create a Culture of Success


Ignite the spark of luminary thinking
in your leaders

“You get what you focus on. . . whether you want it or not.”

Every Thought Matters:

  • Gain the competitive edge with the Force of Focus.
  • Train your brain to stop ‘mind wandering’ and master your mindset


Inspire the desire for energetic excellence in your teams

“Where your focus goes, energy flows and results will surely follow.”

Your Mood Matters:

  • Calibrate to good vibrations and use your Personal Energetic Guidance System (PEGS) to overcome set-backs.
  • Employ more joy to master your energy.


Power up the Impact Phenomenon in your organisation

“Any event that dares us to act differently has the potential to light us up.”

Aligned Action Matters:

  • Understand the potential of the brain, body, energy connection in applied skills.
  • Connect for Success with intrapersonal, interpersonal and collective networks

Diane's delivery was nothing short of electric. Her energy galvanized the audience and her message resonated so profoundly that it became the talk of the event. Such was the impact of her words that even the Governor of Queensland felt compelled to remark on the excellence of Diane’s presentation.

Louise Tattersall
Founder of EM.POW.ER to Engage



Leaders succeed when they dare to lead differently!

No matter how well your leaders perform, they probably feel underappreciated and overwhelmed by endless meetings, looming deadlines, and unyielding challenges more days than not. They’re driven to distraction rather than by desire. But how to reverse this trend and help your leaders truly succeed?

In her dynamic keynote, Dare to Shine, Diane Demetre brings you an invaluable amalgam of decades of hard-earned leadership wisdom, proven mindset strategies, and leading-edge insights as she inspires her audiences to shift from stress and Master their M.E.S. (Mindset, Energy and Skills) and Create a Culture of Success.

Armed with her signature blend of boldness and infectious enthusiasm, Diane will dare your leaders to think, feel and act differently shared through real-world, relatable stories. She presents a tool kit of bright ideas and practical takeaways that will help your leaders:

  • Ignite luminary thinking, train their brain and master their mindset.
  • Inspire the transformative desire to align their aspirations and master their energy. 
  • Power up the Impact phenomenon to learn, apply and master new skills, strategies and systems.

Drawing on her 40+ history in education, entertainment and entrepreneurship as a multi-award-winning business leader, performer and author, Diane shares the science and secrets to creating Luminary Leaders who dare to lead differently and succeed.

Her many decades of experience of performing on large stages also means Diane can bring energy to any size stage making her presentation not just a keynote, but an unforgettable event.

Tailored to your desired outcomes, this keynote is a game-changer, equipping leaders to ignite passion, purpose and productivity in their teams, ultimately boosting profits in the business.

So, are you ready to Dare to Shine, Align, and Thrive?



Diane’s Credentials & Awards

Certified Results Coach

Short-listed, Telstra Business Women’s Awards

International Women's Day Leader Award Recipient for Leadership in the Entertainment, Creative Arts & Media Industry

AOQ Hall of Fame Award for Business

3 x AOQ National Gold Awards for Business Excellence

3 x Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence Best Resort Award

Registered Consultant, Queensland Industry Development Scheme (QIDS) Human Resource Planning & Cultural Change

Graduate, Management Skills Development Program, AIM

Stress & Life Skills Therapist, Highland Park Medical Centre

Diploma of Teaching, NBCAE

Associate, Royal Academy of Dance

Re-imagine your leadership with a new leadership paradigm created by Leadership & Mindset Speaker and Award-winning Author Diane Demetre

The 8 Pillars of Luminary Leadership

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