Forge a forward-facing future for your leaders and organisations

Lead Forward, Further, Faster


“You get what you focus on. . . whether you want it or not.”

  • Every Thought Matters:
  • Clarify your compelling vision with the Force of Focus and train your brain with the latest techniques in neuroscience.


“Where your focus goes, energy flows and results will surely follow.”

  • Your Mood Matters:
  • Einstein’s discovery in quantum physics illustrates how calibrating your Personal Energetic Guidance System (PEGS) sets the framework for a formidable future. 


“Deliberate decisions determine your desired future.”

  • Aligned Action Matters:
  • Gain the competitive edge of being in ‘flow’ – the non-resisted state where aligned action unleashes massive momentum to manifest a meaningful and successful future.  

Diane's delivery was nothing short of electric. Her energy galvanized the audience and her message resonated so profoundly that it became the talk of the event. Such was the impact of her words that even the Governor of Queensland felt compelled to remark on the excellence of Diane’s presentation.

Louise Tattersall
Founder of EM.POW.ER to Engage

“A knock-out”


Unleash your formidable force of fearlessness

Beneath the surface of every leader and organization lies a formidable force of nature—a latent fearlessness ready to redefine the future and steer businesses toward unprecedented success. Yet, this boundless potential remains largely untapped, stifled by the comfort of the status quo and the chains of conventional thinking. The question isn’t about the existence of this power, but why so few have the courage to unleash it.

Be inspired by Diane Demetre’s unique perspective and proven strategies to harness your people’s potential by trading limitations for innovation and transformation. The future of your organization and your leaders’ legacy are shaped by how you think, feel, and act in this very moment, because Now is your New Tomorrow!

In this dynamic keynote, Diane Demetre brings you an invaluable amalgam of decades of hard-earned leadership wisdom, proven mindset strategies, and leading-edge insights as she inspires her audiences to Fear Less, Dare More as they forge forward-facing futures.

Armed with her signature blend of boldness, liberally sprinkled with humour and shared through real-world, relatable stories, Diane presents practical takeaways that will help your leaders:

  • Harness the Force of Focus.
  • Foster the Feeling of their focus.  
  • Cultivate the non-resisted state of Flow and
  • Forge a forward-facing future with formidable fearlessness.

Sharing decades of business experience and an incredible story of her fight to the top, Diane takes her audiences on an inspiring journey, underpinned by science-based research that offers practical strategies to think, feel, act, and lead differently.

Her many decades of experience of performing on large stages also means Diane can bring energy to any size stage making her presentation not just a keynote, but an unforgettable event.

Tailored to your desired outcomes, this keynote is a game-changer! 

Are you ready to unleash your formidable force of fearlessness and forge a forward-facing future?



Diane’s Credentials & Awards

Most Empowering Leadership & Mindset Speaker 2024

Certified Results Coach

Short-listed, Telstra Business Women’s Awards

International Women's Day Leader Award Recipient for Leadership in the Entertainment, Creative Arts & Media Industry

AOQ Hall of Fame Award for Business

3 x AOQ National Gold Awards for Business Excellence

3 x Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence Best Resort Award

Registered Consultant, Queensland Industry Development Scheme (QIDS) Human Resource Planning & Cultural Change

Graduate, Management Skills Development Program, AIM

Stress & Life Skills Therapist, Highland Park Medical Centre

Diploma of Teaching, NBCAE

Associate, Royal Academy of Dance