Do you remember being a kid and going on bush walks with your parents? I do. My
parents’ constant reminders to be careful, not to go too far ahead or watch where
you’re walking became an annoying chant slicing through the adventures, I was
intent upon having. I loved testing my balance on the ragged paths and rocks,
leaping from one to another, never fearing I could fall and injure myself. It’s that
fearlessness, that bold bravery, we need more of as we grow up, particularly if we
want to be leaders.
Treading the leadership pathway is a lot where I’m standing. We start off on level
ground, ready for the climb. Though we anticipate there’ll be challenges along the
way, we feel confident we can deal with anything. Upward and onward becomes our
We step lively and sure-footedly from one challenge to another, gaining momentum
and recognition for our achievements. But sometimes we forget to stop along the
way and enjoy the beauty and bounty of our hard work. And if we’re not careful, we
lose our balance, and everything comes crashing down, including us and many times
our health.
Leadership isn’t a relentless march to the top. It’s a balancing act.

  1. Balancing fearlessness with faith in delegation is the mark of a successful
    leader. Leaders aren’t supposed to do everything and nor should they want to.
    If you don’t have anyone to whom you can delegate, then you’ve recruited the
    wrong people or not trained the right people effectively.
  2. Leadership is about balancing activity with stillness. As leaders, we must learn
    to master both contrast and calm. Twenty-minute daily meditations or grateful
    reflections are the new basics of business. If you can’t block out 20mins a
    day, you don’t have a life much less a successful business.
  3. And leadership is about balancing setbacks and success. Good leaders
    understand that celebrating their success is as important as conducting a
    post-mortem on a setback. Success shared is the precursor to more success.

As a leader, take your time and stay balanced because the journey is far more
rewarding than the destination.