Leadership and mindset keynote speaker, Diane Demetre delivers experiences that dare you to lead differently.

Luminary Leaders

The New Masters of Leadership


Diane speaks on the interrelationship of three main topics

Mindset Mastery

Ignite luminary thinking in your people


Impact the power potential in your organisation

Energy Mastery

Inspire the energetic currency of success

Diane's Story

Award-winning business leader, leadership and mindset keynote speaker, executive leadership coach, mentor and author, Diane Demetre understands that life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Being a successful leadership speaker, she knows that when we dare, the best of us shines through and the leader within is revealed.

Every single person has leadership luminescence, except their light can be diminished because of critical self-talk, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. It’s only when we begin to master our mindset, skills, and energy can we become Luminary Leaders and leave a shining legacy.

Because of her own journey to mastery, she knows how to lead diverse teams of people in high-pressure situations to achieve outstanding results. A motivational speaker like Diane understands the constant demands, the brain drain, and the emotional toll faced by today’s leaders. More importantly, thanks to the long experience of being a mindset speaker, she can show you how to shift your perspective and light up your leadership to turn obstacles into opportunities, problems into possibilities, and fear into a brilliant future for you and your people.

On and off the stage, Diane is committed to accelerating her clients’ results. She has helped countless people dare to shine. . . to turn chaos into clarity and lead through crisis to certainty.
And she can help you too!

“You were just magnificent, and it will be a hundred years before anybody who attended this Conference will forget your presentation.”

“A knock-out”

Sigrid De Jong, Ray White Real Estate

Discover the stars in your organisation... shining in plain sight

Light them up

Are you ready to defy the odds and dare to shine?

Light them up

Are you ready to defy the odds and dare to shine?

  • Leading through crisis has been hard enough, but for many, the toughest challenge lies ahead.
  • Time to reimagine the leadership model, light up your people and power up your business.
  • In her keynote presentation, Diane shows you how to ignite, impact, and inspire your people to become Luminary Leaders who light the way to success.
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Lean in and learn

Is there not a better way to develop your leaders?

Lean in and learn

Is there not a better way to develop your leaders?

  • Wherever leadership mastery is lacking, mediocrity takes over and teams fail.
  • In this leadership workshop program, reframe your perspective using the eight pillars of Luminary Leadership for mastery motivation.
  • Learn the systems and science behind how to master your mindset, energy, and skills.
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Shine brighter

Do you find yourself stuck in limiting behaviours, beliefs, and boundaries?

Shine brighter

Do your leaders find themselves stuck in limiting behaviours, beliefs, and boundaries?

  • You must master your inner world to transcend the world around you.
  • In her one-on-one coaching sessions, Diane shines a light on the dysfunction leaders often experience.
  • She equips them with the tools to illuminate their powerful transformation and achieve rapid results.
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