Be at the forefront of change, reimagine your leadership and master the mindset, energy and skills needed to navigate this new world.


Diane speaks on the interrelationship of three masteries


Ignite the spark of luminary thinking
in your leaders

“We can never outperform our mindset.”
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to master your 60,000 daily thoughts
  • Explore the power of focussed intention and attention
  • Discover the #1 quality question that can change your brain


Power up Impact Phenomenon in your organisation

“Daring to fail at something new changes us.”
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how a leap of faith is often the best way out and the only way forward
  • Find out how to fear less, dare more and discover new skills.
  • Understand the potential of the brain, body, energy connection in applied skills.


Inspire the desire of energetic 
success in your leaders

“Energy is the new currency of success.”
Key Takeaways:
  • Explore the electro-magnetic currency of emotions and how to master them
  • Plug into your unlimited source of energy and never feel depleted or frustrated again.
  • Employ more joy with the Feel-Good Factor.

We all come into this world cable-ready. Our job as luminary leaders is to plug into our people and turn them on. To dare to shine so brightly that we become the light that guides them out of crisis to certainty. That's what leadership is really about!

Diane Demetre


Opening Keynote


Leaders succeed when they dare to lead differently!

No matter how well your leaders perform, there are probably days when they feel under appreciated and overwhelmed. Days when they’re drowning under the pressure of meetings, deadlines, staffing difficulties and the list goes on. But if you want them to succeed they must dare to lead differently! 

In her no-nonsense, light-hearted but always daring style, Diane delivers decades worth of leadership, mindset and business experience as she demonstrates why, as leaders, we are often our own worst enemy, how to master any situation and more critically, ourselves. She presents a tool kit of bright ideas and practical takeaways that will help your leaders:

  • Ignite luminary thinking, shift perspective, focus intention and master their mindset.
  • Inspire the transformative desire to employ more joy, align their aspirations and master their energy. 
  • Power up the Impact phenomenon in the organisation to learn, apply and master new skills.
  • Dare to master intrapersonal, interpersonal and collective success. 
Drawing on her decades as an award-winning business leader and performer, Diane delivers her message with purpose and pizazz as she shares the science and secrets of leaders who dare to think, feel and act differently to become Luminary Leaders who Dare to Shine, Align and Thrive.



Diane’s Credentials & Awards

Certified Results Coach

Short-listed, Telstra Business Women’s Awards

International Women's Day Leader Award Recipient for Leadership in the Entertainment, Creative Arts & Media Industry

AOQ Hall of Fame Award for Business

3 x AOQ National Gold Awards for Business Excellence

3 x Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence Best Resort Award

Registered Consultant, Queensland Industry Development Scheme (QIDS) Human Resource Planning & Cultural Change

Graduate, Management Skills Development Program, AIM

Stress & Life Skills Therapist, Highland Park Medical Centre

Diploma of Teaching, NBCAE

Associate, Royal Academy of Dance

Re-imagine your leadership with a new leadership paradigm created by Leadership & Mindset Speaker and Award-winning Author Diane Demetre

The 8 Pillars of Luminary Leadership

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