Island of Secrets
This book is so good. It’s two generations of love. I loved all of the characters. The ending is wonderful. I suggest Kleenex being handy.

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This is a heart wrenching love story that covers a life time. It is not the traditional happy ever after but it still does end that way. It is an entertaining, easy to read love story with wonderful characters. It had some very emotional moments. It was a great story.

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The story was told in several points of view about life on an island. It was captivating and original. The characters draw you in and carry you right along with their journey through time. Highly recommend this great romantic mystery.

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Extremely entertaining, captivating, and interesting read. I could not put it down. Wonderfully written with strong and intriguing characters. I want to read more from this author.

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This book was so good! It jumps over a span of about forty years. It has everything in it. From first love to first discovery. It has suspense, love lost and love gained. It also has a friendship that stood the test of time, and sibling rivalry. If you read another book this year, this is […] Read More
This is the second novel I’ve read by the author and, though very different from Retribution (which I loved), this novel has its own strengths. It’s the saga of a🌺 Hawaiian family dynasty, but focused on two generations of strong women and their❤ romances. Cecelia […] Read More
In general: Exciting family story on an exotic island. The book describes the situation on the island and its ruling family in two parts. First in the year 1973 and second in 2017. In both parts the female, strong main characters (Cecilia and Tina) have to deal with secrets on the […] Read More
I’m a little late with my review because it took me a few days to stop crying. This is wonderful story about 2 strong women separated by a span of years, yet very connected. CiCi is a free spirit child of the 70s and it is her story that draws the reader […] Read More
I don’t know where to start. It was a flashback to the 70s and life then. We follow the journey of Cecelia at first. Harbor Island is where she ended up. There she found herself and the love of her life, and felt as though she but had to move on. Dicky inherited the Island and upon his death everyone reunited. Including the […] Read More
When I came across the blurb and saw that it was tagged as a romantic mystery, I was really interested in it. I was in the mood for something which would appeal to my mind. Frankly I was expecting a present-day scenario with a look into solving a past mystery. But what I got was a book with a tale of love […] Read More
Set in two time periods but in the same location, Harbor Island, this story follows the romances of two young women. The first part is set in 1973 and Cecilia Freemont is the rebellious young lady who goes to work as housekeeper on the island after leaving her “hippy” boyfriend. Harbor Island […] Read More
I really enjoyed Island of Secrets. I loved the concept of the generational span of drama. The plot had everything you could want in a book. Heart-warming romance, mystery and set in paradise.Cecilia was my favorite character. I thought she was compelling with her restlessness and dream chasing. I really enjoyed […] Read More
This story sucked me in right from the start, I loved the early 70’s it was also my time to travel to an island paradise, so it brought back fond memories for me. The characters warmed my heart, especially Dickie, he was special.
I liked the way this story progressed, even the jump in years. It all made sense to me and held my interest. […] Read More
At first, I was not sure what to think, but the story pulls you. There are some heartbreaking elements, but there is also love and redemption. I definitely shed a few tears reading the story. The island held many secrets and heartaches. The story had lost love, finding love, and […] Read More
Diane once again ignites the imagination and hearts of her readers with a captivating story of the mystical ways life brings people together to fulfil their destiny and experience the true meaning of love.
It is simultaneously a wonderful escape and a reminder of the connections we all have to each other.

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 The plot was captivating, suspenseful and fresh. Would like to read more of this author’s works. She has the ability to involve the reader into the story, and wanting to turn the pages. Highly recommend!

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Well, I can certainly say that this novel swept away any winter blues and took me to the far-off shores of Hawaii on a beautiful journey.

I adored this book and loves the two stories of strong, fierce women although I have to admit my favourite was CiCi’s. The main characters are very […] Read More

I really enjoyed this story and how it is split into 3 parts: 1973, 2017 and 2027. In 1973 we meet a 25-year old Cecilia who made the decision to go off on an adventure to a Hawaii at the dismay of her parents. She soon realises that her decision may not have been the best, deciding […] Read More
Island of Secrets is a gorgeous love story of epic proportions that spans more than forty years. It is touched with mystery and this served well across the passage of time and the bringing together of characters and strands of the story.

The author has really created a beautiful idyll in […] Read More

I really loved Cecilia, the main character, I had Suggs singing in my head whilst reading this. The story starts as Cecilia is facing a cross roads in her life, being a hard-headed young woman, she has left home to make it on her own. She finally wises up to her dead-beat boyfriend and is offered the job of a lifetime on a secluded […] Read More

For readers of contemporary fiction, Diane Demetre is a fresh, passionate voice in storytelling. She is an award-winning author of genre-busting romance novels with a twist. Her dramatic flair, sense of place and evocative style create an entertaining escape for her readers. Diane’s works feature empowered heroines who live life to the fullest on their terms, much like the author herself.

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