Inspire the Desire

Where your focus goes, energy flows and results will surely follow.

Welcome to this month’s leadership news, where we explore the profound power of energy on our success and how we can master it to create outstanding results. Many decades ago, I discovered a quote from Albert Einstein that articulated an awe-inspiring fact in an insightful simple way.
“Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you can’t help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
To elaborate, we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational world, spinning in a vibrational galaxy which is just one of trillions in a vibrational universe. Which means we hold the key to unlocking our potential as leaders and individuals. And that key is our energy!

Energy is the New Currency of Success
Because of the exponential change experienced across the globe in the last few years, the significance of energy cannot be overstated. We have FELT the energy shift in ourselves, in our workplaces and businesses, and in our teams, families and communities. Except most of us have been passive energy shifters, rather than energy masters. But how do we measure and master our energy? It is through our e-motions – that energy-in-motion within us that shapes every cell in our body and influences every thought we think. We master our energy through consciously and consistently reaching for a higher vibrational resonance.

The Power of PEGS
Consider a double funnel that lists a wide range of emotions we are free to feel, at any moment during our waking hours. The top funnel brims with liberating energies of inspiration, which generate high-frequency vibrations (700+ Hz) leading to enlightenment. On the other hand, the bottom funnel is crowded with stagnant energy of limitation, causing low-frequency vibrations (150- Hz) that hinder our progress. All we need do is ‘match the frequency of the reality we want, and we can’t help but get that reality.’
N.B. How we FEEL is our choice and the energy we choose determines our future.

Checking In and Choosing Inspiration
As leaders, we cannot create better businesses or brighter futures if we’re entangled in the emotions and energy of the past. To lead successfully, we must continuously check in and check how we feel on our PEGS. By doing so, we can tell instantly if we are embracing life with enthusiasm or merely enduring it. It is up to us to FEEL GOOD, no one else. The moment we care more about feeling good than being right is when mastery begins.

Inspire the Desire in Others
A great leader not only masters their own energy but also inspires others to do the same. Your energy has a ripple effect on those around you. When you radiate the higher inspirational frequencies, your team are more likely to align with you in the momentum you create. Your energy becomes contagious, fuelling their desire for growth and success. Leaders must be able to inspire others to turn their focus away from ‘what is’ to ‘what could be,’ to find solutions.

Practicing Energy Mastery
To practice energy mastery, start by taking responsibility for your emotions. No longer blame other people, circumstances, or conditions for how you feel. Be aware of when you slip into lower vibrational emotions and make a conscious choice to reach for a higher resonance. Turn yourself on by engaging in activities that elevate your energy, such as practicing gratitude, spending time in nature, meditating or participating in creative pursuits. Foster the FEELING of your focus, take pleasure in it, and align.

As leaders, we hold the power to shape our reality and improve our well-being through energy mastery. Let’s embrace the words of Einstein and recognize that everything is energy, and by matching the frequency of the reality we desire, we can manifest our greatest aspirations.

Let your Leadership Light SHINE

Diane Demetre

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