I have always been a highly creative person and as such, I learned not to push my creativity. As 2016 came to a close, I had a number of new story ideas floating around in my mind, however none of them cheered loudly enough ‘write me, write me.’ So I let go and leaned into my inspiration.

With regular meditations I asked for a clear omen as to what my inspiration, my (in) spirit (action) wanted me to write next. Then I practiced patience. Over the Christmas break I relaxed and enjoyed my family, furry and human, and all the festivities without stressing over what my next story line would be. I handed it over to my creativity, to my inspiration and waited for the omen which I knew resolutely would come. And it did! When I least expected it.

One day, when we were out boating on the glorious Gold Coast Broadwater (Australia) GENERIC BROADWATER another boat cruised past. IMG_1724.
This in itself was not unusual, but the name on the boat caught my attention. In that instance, the boat’s name triggered the title for my next novel and an entire story line flooded into my mind. Had anyone told me I would be writing a saga set in two parts as my next book, I would have laughed out loud. But here I am embarking on this story, trusting that my inspiration will guide me to do the story justice.
Have you trusted your inspiration to guide you deeper into your creativity?

Insight…Letting more love into your life and leaning into the omens is the quickest route to your creativity.