Ignite the Spark

When wanting to become successful, it’s important to keep things as simple as possible.

Dr. Inamori, a Japanese entrepreneur dubbed the Buddhist Billionaire founded two multi-billion-dollar companies and rescued another. He concluded that the results we achieve in our life were a direct reflection of our Attitude, our Effort, and our Ability. Based on his results alone, he’s proven his simple success equation works.

The same simplicity applies to leadership.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, leaders must adopt a simpler approach for creating their own success stories. An approach that is brand NEW, for brand ‘NOW’.

For decades, I’ve studied the latest leadership, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and psychology literature, implementing principles into my own successful businesses until I streamlined my findings into a simple equation that guarantees leadership success, both professionally and personally.

Quite simply, it’s MASTERY!

When we master our Mindset, our Energy and Our Skills, we will “meet with success unexpected in common hours.”

And it is these mastery tips that SHINE will deliver to your in-box once a month. Practical actionable takeaways you can immediately implement as a leader to create remarkable results.

So, let’s begin by exploring the foundational element of the first mastery. . .

Mindset Mastery: Ignite the Spark

Every day, our brains buzz with a staggering 60,000 thoughts, each one igniting a spark within us. These sparks traverse the intricate neural pathways in our brain, creating connections that shape our perspective of the world. It’s a symphony of electricity, a dance of cognition that defines who we are. But are you a slave to this electrical activity, or are you the master of your own mind?

Picture a moment when you faced a formidable problem or challenge. In that instance, you dared to think differently. Your focus intensified, and distractions faded into oblivion. With unwavering clarity, you directed your thoughts towards a singular intention. Your intuition, imagination, and intelligence joined forces, opening the floodgates of innovative ideas and solutions. In that moment, you leaped across the neural gap and ignited luminary thinking.

This mindset mastery holds the key to transforming your leadership and your life. It is the alchemical fusion of focussed intention, attention, and coherence. When you become the conductor of your thoughts, you orchestrate a symphony of success. No longer confined by the limitations of conventional thinking, you explore uncharted territories of possibility.

Our brains are akin to pharmacists, faithfully filling the scripts we provide. Just as a pharmacist dispenses medications according to the prescribed dosage and instructions, our minds process the information we feed them. It is crucial, then, to ensure that the “script” we give our brains is accurate and beneficial. Just as an incorrect prescription can have adverse effects on our physical health, an inaccurate or negative script can hinder our mental and emotional well-being. Therefore, we must be vigilant of the thoughts, beliefs, and information we internalize, allowing our brains to function optimally and nurture a Master Mindset.

So, the next time you’re blessed with a leadership moment, give your brain the ‘success’ script and ask, “Is there not a better way?”

This powerful leading question will ignite the spark to find the ‘success’ solution.

Over these coming weeks, use this leading question to train your brain and master your mindset. No matter how challenging the situation, professionally or personally, stop, take three deep breaths, and ask, “Is there not a better way?” And expect a better answer to reveal itself.

Let your Leadership Light SHINE

Diane Demetre

PS. Here are 4 ways I can help you Shine, Align and Thrive!

Here are 4 ways I can help you Shine, Align and Thrive!

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