“In Master Mindset, Diane Demetre has written a powerful call to action in troubled times. This is a book to read more than once, to allow the messages to really be absorbed. Master Mindset provides a blueprint for change; from how to look after our personal health, care for our finances, family, and community, but also how to harness our innate creativity and wisdom. It is a big canvas and Diane Demetre paints a convincing picture, using examples from science, literature, and art to illustrate that we, as human beings are capable of great things, even in the darkest of times. Instead of feeling small, helpless, and defeated in the era of Covid-19, Master Mindset explains that how we think, feel, and act in the world does truly matter. Diane also provides practical exercises and strategies to move towards a better and brighter future for ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet as a whole. I highly recommend this book.”