“In this inspiring guide to executing strategies to master one’s mindset, award-winning author and speaker Demetre explains that implementing a resilient mindset will not only enable a person to show up as their best self at home in isolation while the virus wreaks havoc outside and afterward in the workplace but also an opportunity to transform self-isolation into self-nourishment and self-realization.

With her deep knowledge of the science of the good life gained through years of study, practice, and teaching, Demetre presents 21 ways to master one’s life:divided into 21 chapters, the book provides exercises and checklists to assess oneself and shows how acquiring a particular habit can affect all areas of one’s life. Through thought-provoking examples and insightful questions, the book gently guides readers from fear to courage, offering them the ability to acquire a powerful mindset in order to achieve self-realization, peace, and ultimately happiness.

Demetre counsels for disregard of ego and against fighting inner transformation, for practicing gratitude and against wallowing in self-pity,for developing future focus, smart health choices, and wise spending habits, and against insecurities and fear. She argues that illness and depression begin when a person refuses to disregard the ego and resonates at a dense frequency of consciousness, thus attracting negative energy.

The book’s tone is both upbeat and empowering and the prose accessible. This motivating work will appeal to self-help readers looking to think outside the box as well as anyone struggling to get by in the current pandemic situation.”