Goodreads 3 Stars – Alicia

Dancing Queen followed a 42-year-old divorcee in her quest for new meaning in her life, starting with her first one-night stand. Things don’t go exactly as planned, so Michele stops planning and decides to trust her life to fate.

It took a little bit to get into, but I liked that this book was as much to do with the heroine’s relationships with her friends as it was her male partners. Her life didn’t stop because a man was in it, she still met with friends, looked after her mother, worked, and had a normal life. It isn’t overly metaphoric or cryptic, so you don’t get the cringe inducing sex scenes I’ve read in others of this type. There was a decent plot woven throughout, and as long as you don’t mind coincidences and two degrees of separation you should enjoy it.

Overall, I could see this being empowering for women in the same circumstances and age bracket as the heroine, though some may find the moral code a little confronting.

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