Diane is a dream to work with and the audience love her.

Diane’s keynote, Lead Forward, Further, Faster was fantastic. I just loved her energy from the minute she walked into the room, it had me energised. I’m someone whose mind does often wander, but she kept me focused for a whole presentation, which was quite a feat for me. I really loved her point on focus and energy, and in particular, focusing on more of a positive mindset. And if you focus on those positive thoughts, you’ll carry them through also in relation to energy, and set your own energy moving forward. I loved that part of the presentation as well. 

I think anyone in a leadership position should experience Diane’s keynote. Her philosophies resonate and the way she delivers is very impactful and makes you rethink the way you’re doing your leadership. Being in HR, we run a lot of leadership programs and I’d highly recommend her. She’s captivating, her message is powerful. She makes you want to do better. Terrific keynote speaker. 

I highly recommend Diane Demetre as a leadership and mindset speaker. Not only was she a pleasure to talk with, she was also easy to contact for coordination of the event. Her ability to capture our team and unite them through her words was amazing to witness. Diane’s unique approach to leadership and mindset had an immediate impact on our staff’s behaviour, inspiring and motivating them to take action. The impact of Diane’s presentation was immediately apparent in our workplace. More nominations were received for our Employee of the Month Awards, as staff members were motivated to go above and beyond in their roles. The feedback we received from our staff was overwhelmingly positive.

Diane Demetre is an exceptional leadership and mindset speaker, and I highly recommend her to any organization looking to inspire and motivate their staff. Her insights and unique approach to leadership are truly transformative, and I am confident that she would have a positive impact on any team she works with.

Lead Forward, Further, Faster was fabulous. Diane is very inspiring. She spoke to you about something we could all relate to. She was excellent. She engaged the audience and gave us lots to think about. If you want somebody that’s full of energy to get life into your audience. Diane is the speaker for it.

It is with immense pleasure that I write this testimonial for Diane Demetre, who graced the opening of the Rostrum 100th Anniversary event on the Gold Coast with her invigorating presence as our keynote speaker.

From the very first interaction to the closing moments of her presentation, Diane’s impeccable attention to detail was unmistakable. She crafted an experience that was not only seamless but also enriched with insightful preparation and the utmost professionalism. Her dedication was evident in every aspect of her involvement, setting a new benchmark for what we expect from keynote speakers.

Diane’s delivery was nothing short of electric. Her energy was not just palpable but infectious, galvanizing the audience into a state of eager anticipation and excitement. The atmosphere she created wasn’t just charged but also inviting, making each word she spoke not only heard but truly felt.

The content of Diane’s presentation was both timely and timeless, challenging us all to think, feel, and act differently. With the precision and insight of an expert, she provided us with tangible tools to embolden our leadership and enhance our personal journeys. Her message resonated so profoundly that it became the talk of the event, with members still abuzz at the Gala Awards Dinner, lauding her faultless execution.

Moreover, Diane’s address contained something for everyone—there was a universal quality to her words that transcended roles and ranks within our organization. She adeptly made us aware of our own moods and attitudes towards leadership, inspiring us to not only listen but to actively engage and take copious notes. Such was the impact of her words that even the Governor of Queensland felt compelled to remark on the excellence of Diane’s presentation.

In all my years with Rostrum, never have I seen a speaker be universally acclaimed as “the best in the 100-year history of Rostrum.” Diane’s contribution to our centennial celebration was not just a highlight—it set a visionary standard, echoing the pioneering spirit that has been the cornerstone of our organization for a century.

In conclusion, to say that Diane exceeded our expectations would be an understatement. She delivered an experience that was transformative, not only living up to the legacy of Rostrum but elevating it to new heights. For this, we are profoundly grateful and look forward to the ripples of change her words have undoubtedly set in motion.

Diane Demetre was a guest speaker at the Small Business Association of Australia, Successful Women in Business series, and I can confidently say that she is one of the most powerful, professional, and passionate speakers I have ever heard. Her ability to captivate an audience is unparalleled, and her message on leadership and mindset resonates deeply with everyone in attendance.

From the moment she takes the stage, Diane commands the room with her magnetic presence and confident demeanour. She has a natural ability to connect with her audience and draw them in with her compelling storytelling and engaging delivery. I have never seen a speaker who can hold the attention of an entire room like Diane can. Her energy is contagious, and she has a way of inspiring those around her to be their best selves.

Diane’s expertise in leadership and mindset is evident in the depth and breadth of knowledge she brings to her talks. Her insights are both practical and inspiring, and she has a unique ability to distill complex concepts into simple, actionable steps that anyone can implement. Her passion for her work is evident in every word she speaks, and she has a way of making even the most skeptical audience member a believer.

Overall, I cannot recommend Diane Demetre highly enough as a speaker. Her combination of professionalism, passion, and expertise make her an exceptional choice for any event, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to hear her speak. If you’re looking for a speaker who can truly make a difference in the lives of your audience, look no further than Diane Demetre. 

I recently attended an event where Diane Demetre was the guest speaker. Her presentation to a room full of business owners and leaders was outstanding. Her experience in her own successful businesses and passion captivated everyone. Her own personal story and message of Fear Less – Dare More awakened something in me, and quite honestly, as a presenter, she’s second to none. For me, I would love to see Diane present to every business in Australia because that’s what she’s great at – inspiring others and getting results.

I am delighted to write this recommendation for Diane Demetre, who recently participated as a panellist in the “Celebrating Women in Entrepreneurship” event at Bond University. As the host of the event, and the External Relations Director of the Bond University Student Club called the Fresh Ideas Network, I had the pleasure of witnessing Diane’s outstanding contribution to the discussion.

Diane has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the panel, and her insights on entrepreneurship and empowering women were truly inspiring. Her passion for promoting gender diversity in the entrepreneurial world was evident throughout the event, and it left a lasting impact on the audience.

She provided valuable examples from her own journey as an entrepreneur, making the discussion engaging and relatable for everyone present.

As an event organiser, I highly recommend Diane as a panellist for any future discussions or events related to entrepreneurship, diversity, and empowerment. She has proven to be a true advocate for women in business, and her expertise in the field is an invaluable asset to any panel or conversation.

I believe that Diane’s participation in events like “Celebrating Women in Entrepreneurship” not only showcases her own success but also serves as a source of motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs. Her commitment to uplifting others and breaking barriers is commendable and deserves recognition.

I wholeheartedly endorse Diane for her exceptional contribution to the “Celebrating Women in Entrepreneurship” event. She is an inspiration to us all, and I am confident that her future endeavours will continue to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community.

Diane was absolutely amazing and exceeded our expectations. I would 100% recommend her.

Diane is an enigmatic, thought-provoking speaker. Diane challenges us to examine our thought patterns and the limited thinking that is holding us back from achieving our goals. Diane inspires us to connect with and embrace the paths we were destined to travel upon.

We engaged Diane to be our emcee for the Official International Women’s Day Youth Leadership Awards virtual event 2021. She was truly awesome. Because of her extensive experience in event management, she was a real asset during the preparation phase and gave freely of her ideas to help the event run smoother. She was a delight to work with, delivering her pre-recorded segments before schedule. Then as emcee, she presented elegantly and delivered the content in a sincere, professional manner with a touch of inspiration for our youth leaders, nominees. In summary, behind the scenes and in front of the camera, Diane was a consummate professional. Someone I would highly recommend as emcee for any event, and we look forward to working with her again.

I found Diane’s ‘no-nonsense’ positive approach and presentation style to be uniquely different and extremely engaging. She is a woman who commands a room and gets to the core of the truth in a way that touches you inside. I experienced an awakening of the mind and soul that challenged my way of thinking about life which has made a lasting impact on my life. An extraordinary woman, with extraordinary gifts and extraordinary story to share.

Many thanks for waking our members up and giving them a new perspective on life. We need more speakers who promote the philosophy of ‘the sky is the limit’ for everybody – not just a chosen few.

Seldom does one find a speaker whose address combines so many elements and such a range of good practical sense. The dynamics of your presentation were wonderful and made those present really sit up and listen. You provided a welcome contrast to the usual type of speakers who stand at lecterns.

Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our Hamilton Island Best Practice Retreat. Your enthusiastic, professional, and entertaining session was just great!

You were just magnificent, and it will be a hundred years before anybody who attended this Conference will forget your presentation. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Without doubt the best speaker I have had the pleasure of listening to. A dynamic performance to say the least.

Diane’s unique style certainly made us sit up and take notice. What a knock-out!


Diane delivered a thought-provoking and insightful webinar for MEA members on Leadership Essentials. 
We’ve all had leadership training and seen speakers in this area, but Diane tackles the thorny topic from a different perspective. Her ‘master your why, what, how and who’ was well received. There was a perfect ‘aha’ moment in the online room when she challenged us to think ‘why’ we wanted whatever we aspired to. Diane’s entertainment background shows in her professional delivery. Her business success is evident in her examples and her ability to focus on what is possible or feasible, tackling the difficult areas of mastering the why, what, and how via a step-by-step approach building confidence and capability.

Diane is a great presenter and speaker and wears her expertise and experience lightly, making for an interesting and engaging session full of humour and warmth. I recommend Diane as a speaker, facilitator and leadership coach.

I was a student in Diane’s Master Mindset live course, and I found her ‘no-nonsense’ positive approach to her teaching to be uniquely different and extremely engaging. I experienced an awakening of the mind and soul that challenged my way of thinking about life from the very first class, which has made a lasting impact on my life and business.

I found Diane’s course life changing. My scientific brain loved that Diane used Einstein to explain how to achieve your destiny. It satisfied my need for science, as well as explaining how channelling your thoughts and energy in a positive way brings positive results. I recommend Diane’s course to anyone who wants to change their life and business.

“When I decided to start my own business, I enlisted Diane to coach me in personal, professional and business development. For over 2 decades since, I have succeeded as a woman solopreneur because of what she’s taught me. Through Diane’s powerful insights and practical systems, I have been able to turn my visions into realities time and time again.”

Diane’s seminars and workshops are imaginative and extremely practical. I have participated in many training programs but have found these particularly worthy of repetition. Highly recommended.

Diane’s no-nonsense approach is precise and succinct yet delivered with Diane’s trademark unwavering care and compassion. Her methodical approach will have you exploring your mindset like never before and though challenging at times, the results are undoubtedly expansive and life-changing.

Diane is a dynamic, interesting and talented speaker. Her seminars impact significantly on those wanting to improve their life’s situation.


Working with Diane as my coach has been an invaluable experience for me. Her insights have guided me to discover a more balanced approach between work and life. I’ve been able to see things from a fresh perspective, enhancing my overall efficiency and well-being. I highly recommend Diane to anyone looking to optimize their life and professional journey.

I engaged Diane to work as my private performance coach when I fell into a rut and didn’t know how to get myself out of bed and become motivated again. 
Diane has fantastic perspective from her years of experience, and it helped clarify my long-term goals, vision, and intention for my career. 
Based on her coaching and my subsequent mindset shift, my confidence, certainty, and clarity increased. Since our sessions I have my buzz back and have accepted a career changing work contract with substantial financial remuneration.  
Diane is a highly experienced and intuitive coach whose services I would recommend to anyone wanting to reach their potential both professionally and personally.

Diane’s exceptional leadership and her ability to communicate clearly and concisely has been a major influence in my life and business, which is reflected in the success of my achievements to date. Her guidance under many difficult human resource circumstances has provided me with a pathway to ensure amicable resolutions are reached and finalised. These and other factors have made her the success that she is today.

What I’ve learnt from your working with Diane has re-energised me on my career and life’s path. The sharing of her knowledge and experience is absolutely priceless.

Diane’s classes have been extremely helpful. She is a wealth of knowledge. I’ve used a number of her suggested strategies and they’ve worked a charm!

After completely two sessions  working with Diane, I couldn’t believe the changes that were happening to me. So, I upgraded to the Platinum package. For the first time doing a coaching program, I was not talking about my problems. Diane’s coaching helps lift you to a higher energetic level where problems don’t exist. She helps you connect yourself to who you actually are. 

Diane, with her structured and genius exercises teaches you techniques which put you in an unlimited and expansive mindset. It is a place that knows no boundaries. Throughout this program, I had so many personal breakthroughs, one which brought me back to my natural state of joy (which I honestly had not felt for over 7 years)

The unexpected consequences from this coaching and mentoring program were that I now have so much more energy and my business is thriving on a whole new level because I’m in it and loving it. I also have a more peaceful relationship with my husband because I understand my personal power. I feel like I now have solid techniques to not let my emotions hijack me, and I feel free and in control in every aspect of my life. This is the best program I have ever done and I am eternally grateful for Diane.


With an indomitable spirit and drive to accomplish her vision, both professionally and personally, Diane positively influences others and delivers collective success and personal empowerment for those working with her.

Diane Demetre is a fiercely vibrant, brilliant, dynamic, and professional leader who is extremely captivating. Not only is she an inspirational role model to women, but she radiates a deep passion to help them BE all they can dream of being – her own life is testament to that.

Diane’s concern, professionalism, talent, and commitment have meant so much. My deepest thanks always.

I have known and worked with Diane Demetre for over 40 years and her Master Mindset teachings have been a major part in my life. Her message of daring us to be more and spreading the word of love and inner strength is transformational. This is what the world needs more of—Being The Master of your Mindset!  And I can recommend Diane as an inspirational leader, mentor, and coach in this field. 

Diane is as prolific as she is passionate, and her effervescence is infectious.  With a warrior spirit that has drawn my respect for this remarkable woman, she is a woman to be admired.

I have always admired Diane’s professionalism and passion. She possesses integrity in her work and continues to be, self-reflective and reflexive in all areas of her life in the pursuit of continual growth. Her deep understanding of human behaviour and emotional intelligence fosters a supportive and respectful working relationship that provides opportunities for others to flourish professionally and personally. She draws out the best in people, who in turn bring an enthusiasm, commitment, and level of excellence to their lives.

If you have the opportunity to work with Diane, do yourself a favour, seize the day. You will not be disappointed.