Deconstructed food is all the rage at the moment. It’s where chefs and cooks interpret their own version of the dish, what its core idea is, and serve it in an unconventional manner. Main meals, desserts and even salads are being broken down to their basic ingredients and laid bare on the plate. 

Take this simple 3 ingredient smoothie. Here it is in its original form and here deconstructed in the bowl as yogurt, banana, and muesli. The same ingredients but they look and taste quite different. One is blended, giving a combined flavour while the other gives me a clear choice of my flavour combination.  

Over the years, leadership styles have become blended. From autocratic, bureaucratic, transactional, transformational, laissez-faire and the list goes on, until they are whipped into leader-slush – a bit of every style thrown into together until leadership becomes an unappealing goo. 

Not very appetising to leaders in general, let alone aspiring leaders.

Let me deconstruct leadership for you. It’s made of only three ingredients. How we think, how we feel and how we act. Leaders think differently. They master their mindset and stand vigilant at the gateway to their thoughts. 

Leaders feel differently. They master their emotions and employ the Feel-Good Factor by embodying higher vibrational energies such as optimism, hope and passion. 

Thirdly, leaders act differently. They master their skills, honing and hardening them with every opportunity. 

Leadership isn’t a complex blend of ingredients or styles. It’s a simple methodology of mindset, energy, and skills mastery, that’s easier to employ and enjoy. Just like this deconstructed smoothie.