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Master the mindset, energy and skills methodology Diane has developed from decades of leading diverse teams in high-pressure situations to achieve success.

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Having spent 40+ years in business, Diane Demetre, the creator of Luminary Leadership and author of Master Mindset knows first-hand that leadership mastery lights the way for intrapersonal, interpersonal and collective success. But how can you create leaders who inspire, influence and ignite the spark in others? Diane knows the science and secrets to creating this type of leader; one who can super-charge your business, energise your people and elevate performance. 

Her diverse leadership background began as an educator before she blazed a trail into the entertainment industry in radio, television, and on the stage, directing casts and crews of large scale national and international productions.

A successful entrepreneur, she has owned 2 multi-award-winning businesses: an internationally acclaimed resort in Vanuatu and a quality accredited, Australian company with hundreds of staff across 4 states, both reaching multi-million-dollar success.

She is a regular contributor to the media, appearing in print, on podcasts and television, and has authored multiple books. Awarded an International Women’s Day Leadership Award in 2019, she is a powerhouse of educated insight, practical experience, and dynamic delivery. On or off the stage her passion and purpose light up the room, making her the ideal ‘Luminator’ to turn on your leaders.

“We all come into this world cable-ready. Our job as luminary leaders is to plug into our people and turn them on. To power them up until they blaze. That's what leadership is really about!”

Diane Demetre

Opening Keynote 

                                 Cut the Crap
                          You Can’t Lead Like That!

No matter what style of leader you are, there are probably days when you just want to scream. Days when you’re drowning under the pressure of leadership, deadlines, staffing difficulties and the list goes on. But you can’t lead like that.

In her keynote, Cut the Crap! You Can’t Lead Like That, Diane combines 40+ years leadership, mindset and business experience and expertise in her no-nonsense, sometimes light-hearted presentation as she demonstrates why, as leaders, we are often our own worst enemy, how to master any situation and more critically, ourselves. She cuts through the preconceived leadership styles to present a tool kit of bright ideas and practical takeaways that will:

  • Help your people shift their perspective to become more self-aware and self-inspiring.
  • Demonstrate the power of neuroscience ad how to rewire and fire their brains for success.
  • Show them how to employ the Feel Good Factor to improve their  psychological resilience, overcome anxiety and manage conflict.  
  • Teach your leaders how to elevate their energy and perform to their potential without body or brain drain.
  • Hone and harden their leadership skills using the 7 – P Principle and Leading Questions
  • Highlight the 24 essential ‘C-suite’ characteristics all leaders must possess to light the way to success.
Themes: Mindset Mastery, Energy Mastery, and Skills Mastery

Clients . . .

You were just magnificent, and it will be a hundred years before anybody who attended this Conference will forget your presentation.      I couldn’t have done it without you.
Sigrid De Jong, Marketing Manager, Ray White Real Estate

 Without doubt the best speaker I have had the pleasure of listening to. A dynamic performance to say the least.
Jan Marquardt, Marketing Manager, Coolangatta Tweed Heads Golf Club

Diane Demetre is a fiercely vibrant, brilliant, dynamic, and professional speaker who commands a room and knows how to get to the core of an issue. 
Amy Rose Gilltrap, Communications Manager, IWD Committee

Diane’s unique style certainly made us sit and take notice. What a knock-out!
Julie Cleary, Secretary, National Speakers Association Australia

Thank you so much for your fabulous contribution to our Hamilton Island Best Practice Retreat. Your enthusiastic, professional, and entertaining session was just great!
Robert Bevan, Principal, Bevan & Associates Real Estate Agency & Valuers

We engaged Diane to be our emcee for our Official International Women’s Day virtual event 2021. She was truly awesome. A consummate professional who I would highly recommend and we look forward to working with her again.
Cathy Skiperdene, Director, OIWD Festival. Brisbane – Gold Coast


Diane’s Credentials & Awards

  • Certified Results Coach
  • Short-listed, Telstra Business Women’s Awards
  • International Women’s Day Leader Award Recipient for Leadership in the Entertainment, Creative Arts & Media Industry
  • AOQ Hall of Fame Award for Business
  • 3 x AOQ National Gold Awards for Business Excellence
  • 3 x Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence Best Resort Award
  • Registered Consultant, Queensland Industry Development Scheme (QIDS) Human Resource Planning & Cultural Change
  • Graduate, Management Skills Development Program, AIM
  •  Stress & Life Skills Therapist, Highland Park Medical Centre
  • Diploma of Teaching, NBCAE
  • Associate, Royal Academy of Dance


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