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Leadership Workshops

Diane also provides a comprehensive array of services aimed at fostering continued growth and development among your organisation’s leaders.

These offerings comprise a series of interactive leadership experiences, including Masterclasses, Leadership Development Programs, Lunch & Learns, Midday Meditations and Q&A Panels, specifically designed to distil the core concepts and insights of her visionary Luminary Leadership methodology.

No matter the leadership enhancement experience you choose, Diane ensures that your leaders remain at the forefront, shining brightly and daring to lead differently.


Diane Demetre

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Most leaders have moments when they want to throw their hands up and walk away. This is where the power of one-on-one coaching and mentoring emerges as the ideal solution to the challenges leaders face.

As a certified and highly experienced coach and mentor, Diane can help you manage your psychology, physiology, productivity, and peace to unlock your luminary leadership potential.


Award-winning Author

Inspired by Bryce Courtney who didn’t start writing until he was fifty-six, Diane penned her first novel at the same age in a flurry of inspiration. Perhaps being an author was a natural progression because she’s been a storyteller on and off the stage throughout her life.  The urge to express her creativity is hard-wired into her brain.

She has since penned numerous contemporary fiction novels across different genres as well as non-fiction, self-help books and soon-to-be released memoir, DARE. She is a highly intuitive and organised writer with her novels having one thing in common—they are each packed with emotional punch and feature feisty female leaders who dare to live life to the full. Much like the author herself.

“With an indomitable spirit and drive to accomplish her vision, both professionally and personally, Diane positively influences others and delivers collective success and personal empowerment for those working with her. “

Dr. Sinclair, The Consultancy Bureau
Re-imagine your leadership with a new leadership paradigm created by Leadership & Mindset Speaker and Award-winning Author Diane Demetre

The 8 Pillars of Luminary Leadership

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