My Journey

What if…I pull out all the stops?

Never one to do things by halves, I decided to go the ‘full monty’ and invest in a book trailer. Having been a director, choreographer and entertainer, I knew exactly what I wanted to convey to the viewer. The book trailer needed to capture the essence of my story, reflecting its upbeat, modern, sexy style and give the viewer a taste of how I saw my characters in my mind’s eye.

What if…my assigned editor doesn’t like my style?

I couldn’t wait to work with an editor. To think I had someone far more learned than me reviewing my work and offering suggestions and corrections thrilled me to the core. Here was a chance for me to learn from a professional and one which I didn’t have to pay. Elizabeth Tasker from Luminosity was sensational. She ‘got’ my story, my characters and the concept of love stories with a twist.

What if…publishers do want my book?

As a hopeful author, I had no idea just how much time it would take to research the vast number of international publishers, short-list them and then submit my MS to each, either through direct email or online via their submission website. Weeks I spent trying to find the best publishing avenues which were not only a fit for my book but seemed to be a good fit with me.

What if…no publisher wants my work?

In order to minimize the number of rejections I might receive for my first manuscript (MS) submission, I honed my writing skills, focussed on my craft and decided to submit the best work I could create at the time. Therefore once I’d finished the MS, I edited it at least another ten times, polishing words, sentence structure and phrases. I took advice from experienced authors and actually put the manuscript in a drawer for about a month and worked on another project. Then when I returned to it, I had a fresh point of view and made more changes.

What if…my books are lost in the plethora of books?

I think this insidious doubt rears its head for many authors as most of us love to share our stories with others. Deep within me abides a desire to entertain, educate or inspire my readers through my writing and storytelling. I write because I love the process and to see my characters come to life on the page, but the cherry on the top is for these stories to reach readers who also find them enriching and entertaining.

What if…my significant others aren’t too impressed?

Who cares! Well that’s not quite right. We all need to consider our civilian life of lovers, partners, family and friends, but we hope they will demonstrate their love by supporting us. Before embarking on this lonely, crazy journey to authorhood, I’d discussed my dream with my husband. Well, it was more like I stamped my foot, laid down the law and said unapologetically, “It’s my turn now.” By doing so, I’d opened the floodgates in committing myself to this dream, to this new destiny. Something within me would now no longer be denied. There was a stirring in my soul which commanded my attention.

What if…I’m fooling myself?

God, am I an idiot or what? I’m 56years of age and giving up hours every night to study online creative writing courses. Isn’t this the time when we baby-boomers are supposed to be living on easy street and relaxing? But, ever since I was in the womb, I’d been a rebel with a cause. Afterall, Bryce Courtney didn’t start his writing career until he was about 56, so damn it, so could I.

What if…I can’t be a published author?

This is the very next question that pops up in a writer’s mind once they decide to have their precious words committed to print for all time. Although, throughout my life I’d toyed with the idea of being an author, I never thought I’d write erotic fiction but bam! That’s what sprang to mind. A love story, I couldn’t believe it. However, because I grew up reading Agatha Christie mysteries, my love story has a twist in its happy-ever-after. It’s not the normal, run-of-the-mill romance. It’s a modern story with a little sting.

What if… I can be a published author?

Back in 2013, I asked myself this question after I finally read Fifty Shades of Grey, once the rest of the world devoured it. I refrained from reading the book for as long as I could but finally succumbed.