What if…it’s time for a change?

I’ve always followed my creative inspiration. Whether as a dancer, choreographer, director, speaker and now as a writer, I listen to the still, small voice within. And it’s telling me it’s time for a change.

Island of Secrets What if…it’s not lonely being a writer?

I’m a naturally talkative, gregarious person who thrives in the company of others. Having spent the first three decades of my life on the stage and screen, I admit I still miss the buzz of performing and the joy of directing. Since writing is a solitary profession, I’ve had to adapt to spending hours alone at the keyboard. However, magic can still happen, even alone.

What if…self-publishing takes too much time?

As someone who thrives on a challenge, I ventured into self-publishing my romantic suspense, Retribution. The story of Jessie, Brad and his dog, Whiskey has been a winner with readers. It’s received 5star reviews from Amazon Top 500 Reviewers and achieves an average rating consistently above 4 stars on Amazon

What if…it’s time for a break?

After a wonderful book launch for Retribution, I’ve had my head-down on the marketing, preparing for the launch of my next book and writing the first of my Diana Daniels mysteries. Go, go, go! I keep going because there is an equation to living a successful, happy and fulfilling life. And in its simplest terms it is this… The energy you expend = the energy you get back. The more you give, the more you receive. In my own life, I’ve discovered this to be true. Wherever I place my energy that is where I generate results. From an author’s perspective, this means keep on writing books.

What if…it’s time to party?

I love to party! And throwing a launch party for my new releases is always fun. There’s usually lots of friends and readers sipping champagne and talking all things bookish.

What if…it hurts?

Over the past few months, I’ve ventured along the self-publishing pathway with my next book, Retribution. I vowed not to be beaten by the myriad of things I had to learn. At the end of long, gruelling days, I didn’t have a head ache, but I could feel my brain expanding in my skull. I’d developed better thinking muscles, because I’d learned so many new things in a condensed time frame. It felt good to be challenging myself.

What if…it’s more than the writing?

Like many writers, when I first started out, my dream was to be offered a contract by a publisher. I was one of the lucky ones. I was offered a contract by Luminosity Publishing for my first three erotic romances, the Dance of Love series. It was a great confidence-booster and allowed me to spend most of my time writing.

What if…it’s not just about the story?

I’m an impassioned person and inspired writer. The story ideas which take up residence in my mind and hunker down in my body come to me basically complete. I do not think about what I’m going to write next. The next story idea presents itself to me as a gift. My job it to say thanks and accept it. Whether the story fits a trope, or is what the market is looking for, or is left-of-field, I never consider. Like being given a present, I don’t judge the value of the gift. I just accept it with grace and appreciation.

What if…writer’s block is an illusion?

In the short time I’ve been on my writing journey, I’ve heard and read much about writer’s block. That dreaded dark space where ideas fear to tread. A kind of no-man’s-land waiting to swallow up any unsuspecting creativity lingering on the edge of the writer’s mind. In its simplest terms, writer’s block is fear. A fear of not being able to be creative and write. It would be like saying there is dancer’s block… a dancer is too afraid to dance. Although it may feel real, it’s isn’t.

What if…I win with my unpublished manuscript?

I couldn’t believe it when my name was announced as the winner of the Best Unpublished Romance Manuscript 2017 at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in August. What a wonderful surprise!