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She’s a ballerina with a dark secret. He’s a retired sniper with a tortured past. Will they find love or fall prey to a stalker’s deadly game?

Professional ballerina Jessie Hilton wraps her battle scars in satin pointe shoes, but there’s a deeper hurt that haunts her sleep. When a handsome man steps in to save her from a mugging, something about her hero makes her heavy heart leap. Though her career can’t afford distractions, he may be her sole source of safety when she gains the unwanted attention of a relentless stalker.

Ex-sniper Brad Jordan survived his tour of duty, but a tragic accident cost him the lives of those closest to him. With his faithful border collie Whiskey by his side, Brad gets a second chance when he protects the beautiful Jessie from danger. When the ballerina’s stalker grows more brazen, Brad’s tactical training may be their only weapon against tragedy.

Will Jessie and Brad survive a deadly game, or will the assailant destroy their chance at love?

Retribution is a standalone romantic suspense novel. If you like tough-as-toe-shoes heroines, second-chance romance, and page-turning plots, then you’ll love Diane Demetre’s heart-stopping saga.

Praise for Retribution

Winner of the Romance Writers of Australia Emerald Pro Award for Best Unpublished Romance Manuscript, and
nominated as a finalist in the ARRA Awards for Favourite Romantic Suspense.

Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews – 5 Stars

I really, really liked this book. The story was entertaining, but the characters absolutely made the novel engrossing. Also, I was particularly enamored with the Australian setting; especially with the country scenes, I felt like I was there.
This is a clean romance which I appreciated. Jessie and BJ are honorable, decent people trying to overcome horrors from their pasts. They have stalwart friends who support them and who are supported in return. I also loved Whiskey, BJ’s pet companion. The love BJ has for Whiskey is woven intrinsically throughout every chapter. I highly recommend this suspenseful tale.

Amazon 5 Stars

Jessie is hoping to become a prima ballerina but she has issues from her past. BJ is a former soldier who has suffered great loss. When they meet at a yoga class they become great support to one another but when Jessie gets a stalker what will BJ do to keep her safe. This story had a great deal of twists and turns and getting the stalkers POV gave it a spooky feel. Overall a great book that keeps you enthralled to the final page.

Amazon 5 Stars

This was a very good book. Fast paced, lots of suspense and surprising twists in the plot. The story was also gripping and emotional in parts.