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diane demetre master mindset book from #coronavirus to #consciousness

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21 transformative ways to master your life in this uncertain time

“Unprecedented times call for the Truth to be told in unprecedented ways.”

In Master Mindset, Diane Demetre presents 21 ways you can master your life as the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the planet. Within the pages of this pithy, pragmatic handbook, she guides you to shift from your limited fear-based human perspective to the infinite Master Mindset of Being, where you’ll experience the unalterable Truth of knowing that you are far more than what you’re experiencing and demonstrating.

Blending science, personal empowerment and spirituality, Diane shares her wisdom gained from owning successful businesses, decades of intense self-scrutiny and conscious living. She condenses her forty-plus years teaching, counselling, coaching and leading teams of people into simple, yet effective strategies that you can immediately implement to master your mindset.

Each of the 21 chapters and its actionable exercise are designed to be read in under 21 minutes to help you anchor in the insightful lesson. If you read one chapter a day for twenty-one days and consciously practice the simple exercises, you’re well on your way to energizing life-changing habits with a Master Mindset. By the time the pandemic has passed, you’ll be primed to launch into the world, ready to be more, do more of what matters, and have more of what counts.

In these pages you’ll learn how to:
• Expand your level of Consciousness
• Respond rather react to the current circumstances
• Engage with your inner resources
• Improve your emotional, physical, mental, financial and spiritual well-being
• Empower yourself with certainty
• Experience more love, peace and gratitude
• And master your destiny

Master Mindset is the perfect companion to transform self-isolation into self-nourishment and eventually into self-realization. And all it takes is one quantum shift of perspective!

From #coronavirus to #consciousness

From the author on Amazon

The reason I wrote Master Mindset is because no one deserves to suffer. I was compelled to share the techniques I’ve been using and teaching for years as quickly as possible when the pandemic was declared. This book has actually been thirty years in the making and under two weeks in the manifesting. This is its time. And it’s your time too. The evolution of human consciousness is undergoing a massive shift. Don’t delay any longer. Don’t despair any longer. Rise above!

Praise for Master Mindset

Goodreads 5 Stars

“In Master Mindset, Diane Demetre has written a powerful call to action in troubled times. This is a book to read more than once, to allow the messages to really be absorbed. Master Mindset provides a blueprint for change; from how to look after our personal health, care for our finances, family, and community, but also how to harness our innate creativity and wisdom. It is a big canvas and Diane Demetre paints a convincing picture, using examples from science, literature, and art to illustrate that we, as human beings are capable of great things, even in the darkest of times. Instead of feeling small, helpless, and defeated in the era of Covid-19, Master Mindset explains that how we think, feel, and act in the world does truly matter. Diane also provides practical exercises and strategies to move towards a better and brighter future for ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet as a whole. I highly recommend this book.”

Goodreads 5 Stars

“In this inspiring guide to executing strategies to master one’s mindset, award-winning author and speaker Demetre explains that implementing a resilient mindset will not only enable a person to show up as their best self at home in isolation while the virus wreaks havoc outside and afterward in the workplace but also an opportunity to transform self-isolation into self-nourishment and self-realization.

With her deep knowledge of the science of the good life gained through years of study, practice, and teaching, Demetre presents 21 ways to master one’s life:divided into 21 chapters, the book provides exercises and checklists to assess oneself and shows how acquiring a particular habit can affect all areas of one’s life. Through thought-provoking examples and insightful questions, the book gently guides readers from fear to courage, offering them the ability to acquire a powerful mindset in order to achieve self-realization, peace, and ultimately happiness.

Demetre counsels for disregard of ego and against fighting inner transformation, for practicing gratitude and against wallowing in self-pity,for developing future focus, smart health choices, and wise spending habits, and against insecurities and fear. She argues that illness and depression begin when a person refuses to disregard the ego and resonates at a dense frequency of consciousness, thus attracting negative energy.

The book’s tone is both upbeat and empowering and the prose accessible. This motivating work will appeal to self-help readers looking to think outside the box as well as anyone struggling to get by in the current pandemic situation.”

Amazon 5 Stars

“Diane is the voice of reason, rationale, and calm that the world needs. Now more than ever. Her no-nonsense approach is precise and succinct yet delivered with Diane’s trademark; unwavering care and compassion. There are no shortcuts here, Diane’s methodical approach will have you exploring your mindset like never before and though challenging at times, the results are undoubtedly expansive and life-changing.

Master Mindset is the guidebook for navigating and emerging from hard times with optimism, empowerment, and belief in yourself.”